Round Table: Buy Or Sell

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ten buy or sell questions answered by Anthony Cosenza and Mickey Mentzer.

Buy or Sell: Andy Dalton will pass the 4,000-yard mark in 2013

Mickey M. Buy. I think with adding Tyler Eifert and a healthy Mohamed Sanu, Dalton is going to have the opportunity to fully run the west coast style offense we think Gruden wants to implement. These yards may not come in huge chunks by throwing a ton of deep passes, but smaller chunks that move the sticks.

Anthony C. Wow, that's a toughie. Is there a push? I'll say sell, but not by much. I think he will continue to improve and will lean on his new toys in Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard in the passing game, but I still think this team wants to run the football and play sound defense. If the team continues to do well in rushing the passer and getting turnovers, it will shorten the field and thus lessening the opportunities for a huge amount of passing yards. I do think he sniffs 4,000 and maybe other club passing records this year though.

Buy or Sell: Rey Maualuga will start all 16 regular-season games at MIKE.

Mickey M. Sell. We thought we would see the best from Maualuga last season in a contract year and he underperformed. I think the replacement is on the team and there is some good young linebacking talent here that could force the Bengals to make a change.

Anthony C. Buy. I think that this coaching staff is fond of him and wants to see him succeed at that position. If there's one major downfall of Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer, it's their bull-headedness that borders on arrogance. So, I say buy, but with the caveat that he'll be rotated out frequently--especially in passing situations.

Buy or Sell: Giovani Bernard and BenJarvus Green-Ellis will combine for 2,000 rushing yards.

Mickey M. Sell. I may agree to all purpose yards, but pure rushing yards I don't think they get there. It would be nice to have a passer with 4,000+ and rush of 2,000+ but I just don't think these are the kind of backs that break the runs necessary for those kinds of totals.

Anthony C. Sell. They won't crack 2,000 yards on the ground, especially when Green-Ellis managed just over 1,000 as the main guy without a guy like Bernard behind him. Like Mickey, I can see a situation where they crack 2,000 all-purpose yards, but not only in rushing yards. I think Bernard's biggest impact will be on swing passes and such, which is what this offense needs anyway.

Buy or Sell: The Bengals will only be able to re-sign Michael Johnson or Carlos Dunlap, not both. Whoever has the better year gets the contract.

Mickey M. Buy, I think it is going to be tough to lock up both of these guys along with Dalton and Green. I think the amount of cash it is going to take will make it impossible for both to be back.

Anthony C. They'll be able to sign both, but will they is another question. I'll say sell. I think the selection of Margus Hunt makes one of them expendable, but keep in mind that they could use the franchise tag on either Johnson or Dunlap in 2014. They could go that route while extending one of the two and allowing Hunt to have one more year of development, then allow one of them to walk after 2014. This is a big year for both MJ93 and Dunlap. Johnson seemed to just start reaching his potential last year, while we keep waiting for that huge year from Dunlap.

Buy or Sell: The Bengals win five of six division games.

Mickey M. Sell. They could win them all, however, this division plays each other tough and I don't see any game as a gimmie. I think the Bengals win 4 of 6.

Anthony C. Sell. No way that they win that many. Though some think that the Browns are still a few years away and the Steelers and Ravens might be looking at a backslide, I don't see them doing much better than .500 in the division. Both Pittsburgh and the Ravens rebounded nicely after sustaining significant losses--particularly Baltimore. This division is brutal and you have to remember that the Bengals lost to Cleveland last year. I say 3-3, no better than 4-2 in the division this year. Anything worse than .500 in the AFCN would likely mean that the Bengals aren't making the playoffs.

Buy or Sell: James Harrison will be penalized for illegal hits at least five times in 2013.

Anthony C. Sell. He won't be on the field as much as he was in Pittsburgh and he's playing a bit of a different position, so he might be a bit more tentative. I don't think he gets that many.

Mickey M. Buy. This defense needs bite, and there is no bigger biter. I know they are costly penalties but this is where this guy lives. I hope he gets at least a couple that sets the tone for the young defense.

Buy or Sell: A.J. Green will have his third-consecutive 1,000-yard season.

Mickey M. Buy. The guy is one of the best and will once again be featured in the offense.

Anthony C. Buy. Though I'm operating under the assumption that he's healthy for most or all of the season. If he's healthy, he's a top-five player in the NFL at his position. Quite honestly, I don't see a reason why he isn't on track for a Hall of Fame career.

Buy or Sell: Geno Atkins will lead the team in sacks in 2013.

Mickey M. Sell. I think this is the year of Michael Johnson. Atkins will still be a disruptive force but i think Johnson gets the biggest sack tally this season.

Anthony C. Oh boy...sell, I guess? I think he'll be one of the leaders, but offensive gameplans will likely be revolving around stopping him at all costs. I think that that may open things up for other guys to get after the quarterback. I don't feel confident about my stance here though because Atkins is amazing and still dominated last year when teams knew how good he was.

Buy or Sell: Shawn Williams will be the team's Week 1 starter at strong safety.

Mickey M. Buy. The Bengals have been looking for consistent safety play for some time and i think Williams is going to get the opportunity to fill that role.

Anthony C. Buy. The options there are limited as it currently stands and the coaching staff appears to be willing to give a young guy a shot. I think you'll see George Iloka, Taylor Mays and Williams all battling it out. Robert Sands may be the odd man out.

Buy or Sell: Giovani Bernard will be the team's feature back by the end of the season.

Anthony C. Sell. I think he'll have a pretty big role, but I think that they like Green-Ellis hard-nosed style and ability to convert short-yardage situations. I think that Bernard will be the feature back in 2014 though.

Mickey M. Sell. I think he is going to contribute and play a large role for this team, but I think the Bengals are going to like the consistency of Green-Ellis carrying the ball. I am excited to see Bernard open up some big plays for this team.

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