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We take a moment to remind ourselves who we are.

Jim Saccomano is the Vice President of Corporate Communications with the Denver Broncos, having spent the better part of 35 years with the organization. He's written a book called "Game of my Life: Denver Broncos", currently pens a blog on, and extremely opinionated on the subject of bloggers.

Here's the problem -- and I completely support Saccomano's rant. The NFL and their teams play a dangerous game that leads to situations in which fans, all of whom crave information by the terabytes, are willing to eat up anything. It's why some people blindly accept a site like, who writes that the Bengals are in a bidding war for Mike Wallace, or targeting free agent wide receivers "aggressively". They signed none and the Bengals were never linked to Wallace this past March. Or that the Bengals contacted Dashon Goldson' agent, when in reality, the only breath to that storyline was a radio interview that highlighted a direct question to Goldson asking if he'd play for the Bengals.

In seven years, we've received hundreds of tips, notes, and ran with, maybe five. And of those "tips", most ended up being so far off-base, that my initial instinct proved correct. We're not blindly accepting emails from characters we've never met, spinning it as a source and carelessly broadcasting misinformation. We've chosen long ago to rely and depend on trusted beat writers, like Joe Reedy and Geoff Hobson, both of whom are the standard (whether you like them or not, they give you the information that you crave). Established NFL Insiders are generally trust-worthy, but like anything that's sourced, it's a risk and "the fact of the matter is" that some stories simply fail to find established ground for one reason or another.

What is a "source" anyway? A friend of a friend that says he knows things on forum? Most reporters and insiders rely on player agents, sometimes used as a means for their client. Team officials and front office personnel. Some insiders have a trusted relationship with the actual players, but some would raise ethical questions. It can take an insider years to obtain trusted sources and relationships. And usually those initial encounters occur through credentialed organizations, such as a newspaper, networks or even local sports personalities and anchors. In that regard is correct.

Some non-established writers, bloggers or online authors will always try to make a name for themselves, throwing enough misinformation against the wall to pick and choose the stories that they can say, "we told you so" when something turns out try. Who cares. What's the point? Notoriety? To be loved? Cheesy insider information to generate traffic? One commentor on the site said that our recent issues with load times at Cincy Jungle was that we were trying to capitalize on ad revenue. Think about that for a minute. If Cincy Jungle loaded too slowly, we lose you entirely. And if our community shrinks, then we've failed you. And we don't exist without you.

Building a trusted website is difficult, takes years to establish. Since going online on March 15, 2006, we hope we've earned that. Not for just analysis, which is breed from our personal perspectives and experiences. But by making sure you receive the most current and reliable information that's broadcast and reported through dependable and trusted beat writers and insiders. Since I couldn't pay half of my monthly bills with my salary, we're not doing this for the money. We disregard our social lives, take four-hour naps prior to our 40-50 hour/week day jobs because of the time we put into the research, preparation and the drafting of future postings. Sometimes what you see on here takes days to develop.

This is what we do.

This is who we are.

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