The CJ's: 2012 Bengals Award For Offensive MVP

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

We take some time on Memorial Day to remember the great players from the Bengals' 2012 playoff squad. The crew gives you their picks, so cast your vote on who you think is deserving of the 2012 Bengals Offensive MVP Award.

It's Memorial Day and we hope that you're enjoying your favorite food and beverages, but most all of all, we hope that you're being safe. We're closing in on the finish of the CJ Awards, honoring the achievements of the 2012 Bengals squad. We're on to our second-to-last award and it's time to give out The CJ for the 2012 Bengals Offensive Most Valuable Player.

Though this one seems pretty obvious, On to our picks.

Jason Garrison: A.J. Green is one of the only reasons Andy Dalton has been able to outperform some of the other quarterbacks selected in 2011. He can go up and get the ball, even when it's not thrown accurately, and has the ability to wrestle it away from defenders. He's a deep threat, he's a possession receiver, he goes across the middle and he's good after the catch. He's the all-in-one receiver that every team wants and only a few have. As long as he's healthy, whichever quarterback is under center will look good.

Mike Townsend: I am going to give this award to Andre Smith. Let the controversy begin, but he was our most consistent lineman and with his new pal Kevin Zeitler they created a solid right side for run blocking and decent pass protection. Maybe it's because I played on the line throughout school and college, but if you don't have a line that holds back the pass rush, or can't make some lanes, the stars are not going to do squat.

Mickey Mentzer: I have to go with A.J. Green as well. Just a dominant offensive player and this team just isn't the same without him on the roster.

Anthony Cosenza: I'm torn here. My head tells me A.J. Green, but my heart tells me Andy Dalton. While true that Dalton wouldn't be who he is without A.J. Green, for all of the criticism that Dalton receives from fans, this team wouldn't have gone to back-to-back playoff games without the efforts of "The Red Rifle". Dalton's 2012 campaign gave us the best statistical season from a Bengals quarterback since the epic 2005 year from Carson Palmer. Still, one can't deny Green's impact and talent, so I'll ultimately go with him, though not by much.

Who gets your vote for The CJ for the Bengals 2012 Award for Offensive Most Valuable Player?

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