BB: Weekend That Was

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

We know that people were busy with a holiday weekend, but so were we.

+ We ran a series of historical pieces introducing a range of subjects. During our "this date in history" posting, which recognized the day that Cincinnati was awarded a franchise, there were dates being published from newspapers in 1967 that disputed when the franchise was actually awarded. May 23 or May 24. The Pro Football Hall of Fame claimed that a vote was passed among AFL owners on the evening of May 23, announcing the passed resolution on May 24.

"We have the date of May 23 as the day Cincinnati was granted a franchise. After checking the actual meeting minutes this seems to support that date as there were deliberations in the morning and afternoon and then a vote was held and the city was granted the franchise.

"It is true, however, that the announcement wasn’t made until the next day. Originally, it had been planned for a press conference on May 23 at midday but that was canceled and the announcement came the next morning according to newspaper accounts."

+ Anthony jumped on the history train with me, detailing the epic Sam Wyche and Jerry Jones rivalry.

+ Sticking with the 80s era mythology, Anthony detailed some of the great memories and moments of Boomer Esiason as the best play-action fake quarterback... ever.

+ While doing research on our Lewis the Builder duology (here's part I... part II will be published at noon), we spent a few moments detailing Takeo Spikes' departure from Cincinnati and how the Transition Tag played a role.

+ Another project turned into a detour when we talked about Rich Braham, his impact and how he's still the standard of starting centers in Cincinnati.

+ We posted a top-five list, ranking the most symbolic wins during the Marvin Lewis era:

  1. Bengals beat the Steelers in 2012
  2. Bengals defeated the undefeated Chiefs in 2003
  3. Bengals beat the Lions in 2005
  4. Bengals comeback and beat the Ravens and Steelers in 2009
  5. Bengals beat the Buffalo Bills in 2011

+ Jason Garrison continues the first round of camp battles series at cornerback depth and running back depth.

+ Anthony writes an essay on one of the Bengals newest rookies, wide receiver Cobi Hamilton.

+ The Bengals are one of the few teams that benefited from the 2009 NFL draft.

+ Michael Johnson continues to evolve professionally and personally, nearing a business administration degree at Georgia Tech.

+ Jason offers commentary that the Bengals could still make a change at linebacker.

+ Mickey explains what undrafted free agent linebacker Bruce Taylor could bring to the Bengals.

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