Unconcerned about Adam Jones calf injury

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones suffered a calf injury last week. Mostly applying rest, Jones should be fine by training camp but rest is needed.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones gingerly walked off the the field last Tuesday with what was being described as a minor calf injury. Tweaked was the word that was used. On Wednesday Jones remained on the sidelines while Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote that Jones' "status for the rest of OTAs and minicamp is in doubt." Geoff Hobson with Bengals.com writes that the injury is "believed to be a strained calf."

Some are concerned that Jones will be missing time.

Here's the reality.

Calf strains are the result of stretching the muscle "past its normal length" which causes the "tearing of some calf muscle fibers." Treatment can take a few weeks but the overwhelming objective is to ensure that the injury doesn't reappear. Especially when the calendar still says May. The treatment:

PRICE therapy: Protecting, Resting, applying Ice, Compression (such as wrapping the area with an elastic bandage), and Elevation are good treatments for most calf muscle strains.

Unless Jones is unable to move or place weight on that calf, experiencing discoloration or the calf going completely numb, the seriousness of Jones' injury (per the reports available to everyone), is limited and that the best therapy will be rest. Considering that OTAs are insignificant for someone like Jones, there's no reason to risk it -- nor any reason to believe the injury is any more serious than soreness.

Jones isn't fighting for a roster spot and the Bengals could actually benefit giving younger players an opportunity. But we feel if this were the regular season, especially late in the season, Jones would be resting to play that week.

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster also suffered a strained calf during practice this week and he's out until training camp.

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