Week In Review: The Stories That Made It A Great Week

The Cincinnati Bengals are growing and the optimism is being felt from all four corners of the media/fan community. Here's a handful of stories we picked from last week that made it a great one.

+ Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden offered some insight in what to expect this year, ranging from confirmation of interchangeability over shifting philosophy, to a preview of how the team will incorporate first-round tight end Tyler Eifert.

+ Yahoo! Sports columnist Michael Silver writes another Hue Jackson feature, detailing some of the lessons he had learned in Oakland.

+ Taking a look at the players that the Bengals acquired from the Carson Palmer trade.

+ Quarterback Andy Dalton "expects" to be better this year. He better be, because some would argue that he could be the one thing holding the Bengals back.

+ Cincinnati's official rookie pool is reportedly set with a maximum of $6,322,645.

+ The Bengals are currently No. 4 in the NFL with $20,927,701 remaining under the 2013 salary cap.

+ Mojokong reflects on the 2013 NFL draft.

+ Offensive tackle Andre Smith appears to be in good shape and a good place, said Geoff Hobson during the latest edition of Who-Dey Weekly. Though we're not sure about Smith's style in clothing. We're just observers in this thing called life.

+ And make sure you check out and download the latest edition of Who-Dey Weekly, chatting with Bengals.com editor Geoff Hobson.

+ If Smith hadn't signed when he did, the Bengals may have drafted Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson instead of Giovani.

+ The Bengals announced that they'll head to Atlanta for joint-practices from August 5-6, prior to the team's preseason game against the Falcons on August 8.

+ As Anthony points out, the results of the NFL draft proves Cincinnati's confidence with the young receivers that they already have on the roster.

+ To lower the roster to 90 (including the ten unsigned draft picks), the Bengals released wide receiver Justin Hilton, fullback Jourdan Brooks and offensive tackle Dan Knapp.

+ Anthony opens the topic in his latest mailbag, asking if Giovani Bernard could be a starter this year.

+ Giovani describes his experience during the NFL draft and the moment he was drafted.

+ We ran a community poll of college free agents this week. Of the hundreds and hundreds of voters, 74 percent said that while they didn't know the players before signing, they like what they see.

+ Jason Garrison kicked off a series of posts, analyzing the Cincinnati Bengals 2013 regular season schedule.

+ Don't discount linebacker Thomas Howard returning to Cincinnati. At least not yet.

+ Starting inside linebacker Rey Maualuga is thankful for his second chance. Now he needs to reward the team's faith in him.

+ College free agent Onterio McCalebb will be moving from running back to cornerback, starting with this weekend's rookie minicamp.

+ Here's something we haven't written much during our seven years at Cincy Jungle: The Bengals "offered way more money" for linebacker Jayson DiManche.

+ Follow the newest Bengals on twitter.

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