Tweet-Bag: Margus Hunt Implications On Michael Johnson, Boom Herron's Chances, More

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We take a few questions from twitter and talk about older debates and the lack of resolutions.

Debates are waged. Internet tough guys indiscriminately toss sticky bombs. Reasonable counter-points are completely ignored as trivial rubbish. Eventually through the fog of discourse, civility emerges within the core and progression can finally develop.

And if we're extremely lucky, there's resolution buried among the presumptuous debris, witnessed by those waging warfare-like discussions.

Last year it was Cincinnati's No. 2 wide receiver. Options ranged from rookies selected during the 2012 NFL draft, undrafted free agents, practice squad veterans and special teams players given the opportunity for a promotion. Despite the enthusiasm at the time with the position being stacked with unrelenting levels of talent, the reality was that the debate was never truly settled.

Against the Baltimore Ravens on kickoff weekend, the Bengals started Armon Binns. By October 21, Brandon Tate started. It was Mohamed Sanu against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 18 then Marvin Jones three weeks later.

How did it turn out?

If we include Binns as the starting No. 2 receiver against the Redskins in week three (he was WR2 on the second play from scrimmage after the Mohamed Sanu touchdown with Andy Dalton starting at wide receiver), then Bengals receivers that started as the No. 2 receiver registered only 42 receptions for 456 yards receiving and five touchdowns.

Armon Binns 6 29 18 62.1 210 1 11.7
Brandon Tate 3 8 2 25.0 20 0 10.0
Mohamed Sanu 2 13 7 53.8 51 3 7.3
Marvin Jones 5 26 15 57.7 175 1 11.7

Let's compare those numbers:

A.J. Green 16 164 97 59.1 1,350 11 13.9
Jermaine Gresham 15 94 64 68.1 737 5 11.5
Andrew Hawkins 2 80 51 63.8 533 4 10.5
Starting No. 2 WR 16 76 42 55.3 456 5 10.9

Obviously people will spin numbers to satisfy their personal argument. We're not. We're just presenting. Even with all of that being said, we're still looking forward to seeing a full season of Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones in their second season.

+ Tweet-Bag Time!

@JonMaxwell asks:

"Do you think they will cut Boom Herron?"

Making a quick projection on the team's running back roster, traditionally the Bengals have kept four running backs (excluding the full back). BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard are obvious locks, while Cedric Peerman is rock solid. That would leave one spot for Dan Herron, Rex Burkhead, and Bernard Scott.

All three could fill special teams roles, from Bernard Scott's kickoff returns, to Herron's punt blocks and Burkhead's perceived "Brian Leonard" role -- a vacuum that could be filled with Cedric Peerman.

When it's all said and done, I view Green-Ellis, Bernard, Peerman and Burkhead being the team's four running backs this year. Anything could happen, from injuries to an expected impression left by Scott during the preseason (anyone... anyone?!).

@jtaulbee1 asks:

"How much of an impact do you think Margus Hunt will have on their decision of whether to re-sign Michael Johnson or not?"

Assuming Hunt displays traces of being equally as productive as Johnson, the development would give Cincinnati bargaining position with Johnson. However a young and productive defensive end is one of the more valuable assets in the NFL. So the Bengals won't have any bargaining position during negotiations.

In fact I'd replace Hunt with Carlos Dunlap as the key. If Dunlap plays a full-season and becomes the monstrous defensive end that we've seen traces of, then Johnson could be as good as gone.

I still believe that the Bengals will do whatever it takes to sign Johnson long-term prior to the July 15 deadline (to sign franchise players to a long-term deal) this year.

@GrumpyLong asks:

"The type of football Harrison played at the other place, namely dirty and cheap shots. Will that be permitted?"

Not directly, no.

We hardly see Marvin Lewis or Mike Zimmer walking up to Harrison during training camp and asking him to change his style and play nice. They signed him for that style, the viciousness, the proverbial chip on his shoulder -- not a saturated yes-man type of player that characterizes the NFL today. They want the attitude. And they're willing to accept the bad with the good. The question is, can you accept the rewards more than the risks and consequences of it? Personally, I'm good with it.

+ Carrie Underwood is replacing Faith Hill during NBC's Sunday Night Football introductory theme song. Hill had decided not to return in 2013.

Personally, I'm good with that.

+ Linebacker Karlos Dansby, who visited with the Bengals around the same time that James Harrison's name was being thrown around, is scheduled to visit with the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday.

+ Want to know why everyone hates the New York Jets? Because the media obsesses about it to the point of generating non-stories into mountains. Please disregard this author's obsession about the media's obsession.

+ Browns rookie defensive lineman Armonty Bryant, who was arrested and charged with a DUI, received a one-year deferred sentence for pleading no contest.

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