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Bengals CB Adam Jones charged with assault

Bengals CB Adam Jones tweeted on Monday that he has been arrested. There are more developments to the story.

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Not important to like someone that helps winning

Now that Adam Jones' assault trial is in the rear view, he can get back to football.


Video Reaction Of Adam Jones' Not Guilty Verdict

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently released video footage of the plantiff's testimony, the Judge's ruling and the reaction of Bengals cornerback after being ruled Not Guilty from a summer assault charge.

Adam Jones found not guilty

The assault trial for Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is over, found not guilty.


Jones Trial Update: A Decision Will Be Made today

Both sides have finished and closing arguments were made. A decision will be handed out on Tuesday, per Judge Taylor.


Wesley could be charged with disorderly conduct

At the onset of Adam Jones' trial on Tuesday, continued from Monday, is Shannon Wesley is getting ready to take the stand to testify on her version on the night with her confrontation with Adam Jones.

According to reports from Kimball Perry with the Cincinnati Enquirer, the visiting Judge Taylor presiding over the trial, announced that if Wesley admits to pouring beer on Jones, she could be charged with disorderly conduct. As a result, a recess was requested to discuss whether Wesley should testify now.


Adam Jones first day on trial wraps up

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones appeared in court on Monday, assaulted of assaulting a woman at a local bar earlier this summer.


Adam Jones' trial continued

The cornerback was scheduled to appear in court on Monday as his trial for assault was set to begin. However, the trial was continued to Oct. 7.


Trial for Adam Jones' assault charge starts Monday

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones will appear in court to answer for an assault charge from an incident in June.


Jones talks about his latest "issue" on Late Hits

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones stepped away from speaking with the rookies at the rookie symposium to talk about his latest run-in with the law.


Adam Jones Delivers Powerful Message to Rookies

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones finds that his recent legal predicament created a more powerful message for him to deliver at the annual NFL Rookie Symposium.


Jones on ESPN: "Hoe, where the *** you come from?"

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones appeared on ESPN radio on Wednesday to describe the night in a way that only Pacman could do.


Bengals CB Adam Jones speaks out

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones is defending himself after another arrest earlier this month.


Adam Jones To Address Rookies

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones will speak to rookies at the 2013 NFL Rookie Symposium.


Jones and woman told to stay away from each other

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones has been ordered to stay away from the woman that's accusing him of assault. Ironically, the woman was issued the same order to stay away from Jones.


If Jones Gets Suspended, Other CBs Need To Step Up

Adam Jones could be looking at a possible suspension from the NFL office, stemming from the recent scuffle at a local bar. If he does miss some time, some unproven cornerbacks will need to step up.


Jones and rookie symposium; league monitoring case

While she said and he said arguments have been laid out via a 911 call, a surveillance video, and ESPN interview, we file an update provided by Joe Reedy on other matters.


911 call from woman in Adam Jones charged assault

The 911 call from the Adam Jones incident last Wednesday was released.


Jones pleads not guilty to assault charge

The story of Adam Jones continues after the cornerback pleaded not guilty to the assault charge from an incident last week.


Lewis on Jones' assault charge: "Unfortunate"

We didn't expect Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis to offer much in reaction to Adam Jones' latest legal entanglement during his press conference on Tuesday. When asked about the situation, Lewis said that he hasn't seen the video, but called it "unfortunate."

"The situation Adam Jones is in obviously is not something that you want to get involved in", Lewis said. "It’s unfortunate that he’s in this situation and that’s really about all I can add to it. This has got to work its way out whichever way it does. Many of you have probably seen the video, which I haven’t, but I’ve had enough people tell me about it since last Tuesday, or whenever it happened (Wednesday)."

Jones is currently with the team, but isn't expected to practice with a calf injury that he suffered several weeks ago. However he's not planning to speak with the media, based on (good) advice from his lawyers and agent.


Adam Jones Not Speaking To Media At Minicamp

In the midst of dealing with a legal issue, Adam "Pacman" Jones will not be speaking to the media at the commencement of the team's mandatory minicamp.


Why the Bengals won't release Jones

We've received several responses in the past 24 hours why the Bengals should release Adam Jones. Here's why they won't.


Adam Jones could have avoided all of this

While everyone is trying to find fault in their respective situations, the reality is that both gentlemen could have avoided all of this.


Jones Interviewed By Mo Egger, Ends Call Abruptly

After being released from jail after this nightmare of an incident is just getting started, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones decided to join ESPN Radio's Mo Egger to talk about the incident. The interview was almost as odd as this whole impending legal debacle.

Apparently, Jones had to hang up early on the interview. Egger himself didn't really know why, deferring to a multitude of possibilities ranging from a dead cell phone battery, receiving legal advice telling him to clam up and/or the fact that he just got angry and hung up on the Cincinnati radio personality.

Either way, Jones answered some questions about the incident at a local bar. The audio to the interview can be heard here and we'll let you be the judge on Jones' take and what happened at the end of the interview. To be honest, we're not sure what to make about this whole thing, so we're going to defer our opinion until absolutely everything comes out about the case.

UPDATE: Here's the transcribed interview (thanks to Josh Kirkendall) and the embedded file to listen.

There are portions of his interview that are somewhat inaudible, so we marked those (instead of trying to guess).

Mo Egger opens asking what went down during the incident.

"I was approached by two young ladies that had been drinking and they wanted to take a picture. I seen them later at FBs, when I first got there, I seen them get to go in at like 10:50, but... if you see the video, it's self-explanatory. They called me over there and she said something, I forgot what she said (inaudible) before I knew it, I was struck with a bottle and I was just trying to make sure I was alright. The only thing I was doing, saying to myself (inaudible). I didn't draw back and swing and hit her with my right hand, it was just a quick reaction. That's what happened."

The interaction with her prior to the incident.

"It wasn't any (inaudible). I was actually talking to the young lady that was sitting down in front of her. I believe that she (inaudible) says to the other young lady, but that's what it was."

If the woman was threatening or belligerent.

"I'm not going to get into each piece-by-piece because of my case. I told 'em I was just coming on here to let people know like, I'm not acting a fool, I'm not out drinking, getting drunk. All I was doing was protecting myself. I wouldn't like to harm no one, period. I have two beautiful little girls and a wife at home, my mother, most of my family are all women. I don't even have a dad. That's not Adam. There's no part, I'm not into that and I don't condone it. I don't want you to twist it, try to twist it, and make it sound any other kind of way. Like I said, all I was doing was protecting myself and just trying to clear my space."

If he felt harmed when the woman approached with the beer bottle.

"Of course, when I got hit. Yes, I did."

Mo Egger went on to ask if the bottle left any marks (scars, bruises, cuts), but Jones had already hung up. Or as Mo said maybe it was a bad connection (which based on the sound could have happened), or lost power or whatever.


Video of the incident involving Adam Jones

The story of Adam Jones' alleged assault continues with the release of the video.


Jones Turns Himself In At Hamilton County Jail

With assault charges hanging over his head and alleged video evidence that proves his innocence, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones opted to turn himself in Monday afternoon at the Hamilton County jail.

The move is hardly a surprise given Jones' pleas of self-defense during the bar fight that landed him in trouble last Wednesday. Both Jones and his agent insist that video evidence will corroborate his story, as well as testimony from multiple witnesses whose version of events also line up with Jones'. All that remained then was to show up and hopefully clear his name.

Unfortunately for Jones, history is not on his side when it comes to dealing with law enforcement, but perhaps now he can finally begin the process of proving his innocence.


Prosecutor confirms Jones charged with assault

The story regarding Adam Jones' incident from last Wednesday continues to evolve.


Jones' agent: Video will back Jones' story

Oddly enough it was Adam Jones that broke the news on Monday that he was turning himself over to police after two women reacted violently when Jones refused to have a picture taken with them, mostly because they were belligerent before that request. The story goes that a bottle was thrown at him and Jones reacted.

Jones and his agent Peter Schaeffer have stood behind their version of events, that Jones was defending himself and based on the information that we're gathering, how can anyone blame him for defending himself.

Schaffer also told Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer that along with witnesses that observed the incident, a video exists that will exonerate Jones.

The Bengals will not comment until after the legal process has played out.


Jones' Agent Calls Arrest 'Travesty Of Justice"

According to his agent, Jones was acting in self-defense after he was hit in the head with a thrown beer bottle.

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