Legal Problems,.. (advice) MUST READ

Hey guy's I've got a great story and some questions..

I moved in with a crazy lady I found on craigslist... And this is the story that I sent to Judge Judy about my last few days...

I really hate that this is happening to me, but if it was somebody I knew I would be pissed for them but would think it's hilarious,.. Luckily I have an awesome boss who's helped me get back on my feet and in a new place. But I can't just let that lady get away with what she did... So I sent this letter to Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown. Ya'll are in for a treat:

"Dear judge:
I am currently a student at Troy University in Alabama, and I am staying in St. Augustine FL, for my summer internship. My father found a place for me to stay on Craigslist. He was to pay the person I was going to stay with $100 down for her safety just in case I backed out. He sent her the money and I was going to give her cash when I arrived at her address ($250). I got to her place (which is disgusting and smelled of pure nicotine and smoke) and introduced myself while she told me to hide my things because her landlord is walking by (more on that later).
I was somewhat alarmed but just thought it was a preference. Soon after, she asked for rent, I handed her $250. She said "$350", and I said I only brought what I remember you telling my dad for me to bring. She gets annoyed but doesn't do anything un-ordinary, and didn't write me a receipt immediately after asking, which also alarmed me. I take her around town (she doesn't have a car) let her get groceries and other items.
We get back and I notice she doesn't have an iron, so I go buy an iron and get back and she tells me "If you're gonna use an iron, it'll be another $5, and I noticed you left your laptop charging, that's also $5." So now I'm alarmed and call my father and explains, he calls her and she gets annoyed and turns the phone off, I got to work (first day on the job) the next day, my dad calls her to speak, and is very calm, but alarmed that he may have to pay an unreasonable price. He calls her ma'am (she's at least 50 but looks 70) too many times according to her and barely mentions the word police (just to see if I have rights), so she curses him out and hangs up.
She won't talk and she's aggressive, so my dad wants me out of this place, I talk to her on the phone and she seems fine, I say I'd like to meet at the apt, and she agrees, she wants to go away from the apt because get this, SHE DOESN'T HAVE A LEASE and she can't have sub-renters... We talk to her landlord, who hates her, her neighbors, who hate her, they all tell me she's crazy, and When I talked to her at the apt. she got aggressive and stormed off, I simply asked for $200 dollars back, just so I can perhaps find a new place and have some food money, and she says no!? She calls me later and says she will give me the money, I call her 3 times next day and leave voice mails, she calls back and goes back on her words, gives me no money. So I've had 350 dollars stolen from me, and my parents. And she is a crazy lady who preyed on a college student, Please Judge Judy/Joe, give this lady justice!"
-Trevor Long

She's truly nuts guys,.. It's taking every bone in my body not ring her neanderthal neck,.. She looks like a ferkin Geico caveman... So yeah, Do you have any advice?.. Do I have any options????

To make this Bengals related... I now don't have the money to buy a Bernard jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...Also... Spare change?..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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