Bengals 53-Man Anti-Roster

This is purely for fun and I certainly would not want this to actually happen, but I wanted to see what roster would result if, say, the Ravens' and Steelers' front offices took control of the team on cutdown day and wanted to ruin the team as much as possible, cutting the best players regardless of position. Assuming a 53-man group and no outside signees, this is what resulted:

QB: John Skelton, Josh Johnson, Zac Robinson (3)

HB: Cedric Peerman, Bernard Scott, Rex Burkhead, Dan Herron (4)

FB: Chris Pressley, John Conner (2)

TE: Alex Smith, Richard Quinn, Bryce Davis (3)

WR: Brandon Tate, Ryan Whalen, Tyrone Goard, Roy Roundtree, Dane Sanzenbacher, Taveon Rogers (6)

OL: Travelle Wharton, Kyle Cook, Reid Fragel, Tanner Hawkinson, Dennis Roland, Mike Pollak, John Sullen, TJ Johnson (8)

DL: Robert Geathers, Jamaal Anderson, DeQuin Evans, Dontay Moch, Larry Black, Terrence Stephens (6)

LB: Rey Maualuga, Vincent Rey, Jordan Campbell, Jayson DiManche, Brandon Joiner, Aaron Maybin, JK Schaffer, Bruce Taylor (8)

CB: Chris Lewis-Harris, Brandon Ghee, Shaun Prater, Troy Stoudermire, Terrence Brown, Onterio McCalebb (6)

S: Jeromy Miles, Taylor Mays, George Iloka, Tony Dye (4)

ST: Mike Nugent K, Quinn Sharp P, Clark Harris LS (3)

This is probably the worst possible 53-man picking (based on worst-player-available rather than position) from the Bengals' current roster. From this, it's obvious that a position such as DL has many great players right now, while a position such as backup QB does not have very good players. Wharton is certainly an experienced starter, but his injury history lands him on this anti-roster; he was probably one of the last guys to "make" this team (guys like Larry Black and Terrence Stephens were among the first to make it). This anti-roster also includes guys like Maualuga, Geathers, Cook, Tate, and Alex Smith, who will probably make the actual roster but to me are not very inspiring players. Guys like Pressley and Conner are solid NFL pros, but this was all about reducing the talent of the roster, and neither of those guys are overly talented because of the nature of their position. And even though they weren't high-round picks, I think rookies like Shawn Williams, Sean Porter, and Cobi Hamilton have too much promise to make this team.

How do you think this team would do in the NFL? 2-14 maybe, or 0-16? Are there any disagreements (e.g., would you rather have Orson Charles make this anti-roster over Alex Smith, because you want to keep Smith and cut Charles for the actual roster)? Feel free to comment below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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