Random Thoughts and I Believe Thievery

Tyler Barrick

A few items are rattling in our minds and it was time to place them on digital paper. We open with a belief that the Bengals could win 12 games, but probably won't and a series of "I believes".

The thing about having a personal life is that sometimes, things go unexpectedly crazy, either professional (aka, real job) or family. And sometimes some of us just need a break. Yet in the end, it doesn't justify an excuse among those of us craving for something new.

Random thoughts on my mind and your reactions.

The Bengals could win 12 games. On paper, Cincinnati shouldn't have any problems with the Browns, Bills, Lions, Jets, Dolphins, Chargers, and Vikings. That's eight wins. The Patriots, dealing with an offensive mess losing their top-five receivers from last season (Rob Gronkowski should be back at some point), join the Colts, Ravens, Packers and Steelers as teams that the Bengals will host at Paul Brown Stadium.

Twelve wins. Why not?

Bengals probably won't win 12 games. Take the aforementioned paper, pour gasoline on it and burn it. Then throw your lighter into the Ohio River. Because what you know and what you think you know is completely meaningless in the NFL. Cleveland always gives the Bengals a hell of a game. We're not writing off the Patriots with a hall of fame quarterback and head coach. Miami beat the Bengals last year -- thanks to a unfulfilling Bengals offense. Cincinnati has won one of their last five against Baltimore, with the only win being a game of scrubs versus scrubs.


Stealing the I believes from Peter King...

  • I believe that Josh Johnson will win the job as the team's backup quarterback based on his history with Jay Gruden and the dynamics that Johnson brings.
  • I believe that of Michael Johnson, Carlos Dunlap, and Geno Atkins, Dunlap is the most likely to return. Based on his own durability questions, he'll be the cheapest of the group.
  • I believe that Geno Atkins returns in 2014 under the franchise tag.
  • I believe that most will turn against this offense if they fail to explode out of the gate as a scoring machine. Disagree? Just wait.
  • I believe that Kenny Irons and Ki-Jana Carter is holding me back from declaring greatness for Giovani Bernard. But that's just me and my inability to get over some things.
  • I believe that Michael Johnson will still be playing on his franchise contract by July 16, a day after long-term deals are allowed for franchise players.

Random thoughts.


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