Training Camp 2013: Bengals news, notes, and quotes


Stories from around Bengals training camp after two practices.

+ The Cincinnati Bengals will open the gates for their third practice of training camp at 2 p.m. The two-hour session will get started at 3 p.m. Our own Brennen Warner and Andrew Fox Miller will be attending and providing updates on twitter.

+ Friday was the first practice that was open for fans to attend. According to the Bengals, there was an estimated 1,300 fans that filled the bleachers.

+ Cornerback Terence Newman doesn't really like the attention that the Cincinnati Bengals are receiving because the expectations are high.

"One of the hardest things to overcome is expectations," he said, recalling a laundry list of talented Dallas teams he played on that finished 8-8. "I think it’s easy when you’re the underdog because you have to work, people are discrediting you."

+ Oklahoma, one of the favorite drills during training camp, will happen on Sunday when the Bengals are allowed to dress in full gear for the first time. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, players were prohibited from having contact or wearing pads until the fourth practice.

+ Newman loves the talent level on this team.

"As far as the talent on this team, it’s unparalleled," Newman said. "You can look at different teams and say, ‘Well they’ve got this, they’ve got this.’ We have just as good as anybody else."

+ The Bengals offense has looked good, but Jay Gruden knows enough of Mike Zimmer and knows that the defensive coordinator is slowly adding more schemes.

"They'll start to do more and how we adjust is how we'll be," Gruden said. "We're installing faster as far as play concepts are concerned. It's going to get harder and harder … (but) we feel good about where we are. We feel good about the guys knowing what to do and where to line up, so we're able to install more this year Day 1 than probably last year. I just felt with everybody coming back from OTAs and last year, there's no reason to hold back. Install it fast and get used to the way the tempo is going to be during the week."

+ Running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis is adding leadership to his resume.

"My job is to try to make sure everything is going well with the team and they want to help get the fans involved, I'm all for it," BJGE said. "I like it. Some things come natural like being the leader of (the backs) right now. I'm the most experienced guy and that's where it is right now."

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