Shut the hell up about Dalton

I'm growing very weary of all this negative Andy Dalton talk, both outside of the Jungle (I expect many people on the outside looking inward to be ill-informed concerning Dalton) but even more so within our own community.

  • Dalton will never be an elite QB - what....
  • Dalton's lack of arm strength is his biggest issue and will be his downfall - what...
Lets look at Dalton in his first two seasons:
  • 47 TDs - #7 in TDs 2012, #13 in 2011
  • Only DAN MARINO and P. MANNING have thrown for 20+ TDs in their first two seasons
  • 29 Ints - #8 in 2012, #15 in 2011
  • 7,057 yards - #16 in 2012, #16 in 2011
  • 60.2% completion - #12 in 2012, #22 in 2011
  • PFF #25 Ranked QB in 2012, #28 in 2011
In 2011, Dalton shone as a rookie QB with NO OFFSEASON. After conferring with a few people here and elsewhere (I'm a Bengals fan in Baltimore so I can't watch every game), I learned that in his first year, Dalton was told to go through only the first two or so options of his progression. This understandably made his job easier and as a rookie with no offseason that was probably a good move. Dalton was surrounded by a serious lack of weapons in 2011.
  • RB - Benson (bad)
  • WR - Green (Omega level), Simpson (bad), Gresham (bad - I'm not sure how people don't realize how bad he actually is), Caldwell (bad), Hawkins (decent situational player)
What an atrocious support cast. But everything was all good after the 2011-2012 season because we had a rookie who was somehow able to achieve solid levels of success.
In 2012, many people expected Dalton to be Aaron Rodgers. People EXPECTED Dalton to blow the hell up. UNREASONABLE. But you know what? DALTON PLAYED WELL. Not elite (BUT WHO CARES HE'S A SOPHEMORE) but well. Again he was surrounded by BAD PLAYERS
  • RB - BGE AKA EXACT SAME PLAYER AS BENSON...maybe better at short yardage (bad)
  • WR - Green (Arguably #2 WR in league), Gresham (We didn't just draft Eifert for 2-TE sets, Gresham is plain BAD right now), Hawkins (decent situational player but teams can simply bump him and he'll end up way off his routes), Tate (bum), Binns (super bum), Sanu (flashed greatness but got injured), Jones (flashed greatness, played well but wasn't able to come down with crucial, tough catches)
POOR SUPPORTING CAST HIS FIRST TWO YEARS. Can people start talking about that????
That being said,
  • Dalton did not adjust very well with having to go through 3-4 options in his progression this year
  • Dalton has relatively poor pocket presence and is very skiddish. He had quite a few at-fault sacks.
  • AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS LACK OF A KYLE BOLLER throw-50-yards-on-his-knees-type-cannon, Dalton has poor, poor,poor deep ball (20+ yards) ACCURACY. That right there is the issue. We all watched the Texans game right? Pretty sure he OVERTHREW Green......cotdammit....we should have won that game.
But from what I am hearing, these issues have been and are continuing to be addressed this offseason.
In conclusion,
No one should be mad that Dalton has not turned into Drew Brees in his effin second year. Instead look at the poor supporting cast that Dalton has had to work with IN ADDITION to some of his issues. HE'S A THIRD YEAR PLAYER THAT HAS THROWN FOR 47 TDS IN HIS FIRST TWO SEASONS DAMMIT. Stop hating on this kid and be excited about what's going to go down this year.
  • RB - BGE AND GIO (so excited for GIO. He's the scatback that Dalton has NEEDED)
  • WR - Green (yes), Sanu (yes), Jones (hopefully yes), Gresham (bum until proven otherwise) and Eifert
Lets give Dalton another year or TWO before we crucify him. Jeez.

Look at Dalton in his first two years vs Brees in his first three.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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