Five For Five: Quick look at stories around the NFL

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We take a quick look at Matthew Stafford's contract, Denver's offer to Ryan Clady and several other stories around the NFL.

Matthew Stafford's contract extension that he's reportedly agreed to is worth $53 million in new money, giving him a total value of $76.5 million on top of his rookie contract which was originally valued at $73.5 million. Adding the two years remaining on his rookie deal that was valued at $23.5 million, Stafford signs one of the biggest extensions this year, yet well below market value in terms of average salary.

However, Stafford is the fourth quarterback to sign a contract with at least $40 million guaranteed, which is the important number when deciphering contracts from a player's perspective.

Joe Flacco Six $120M $29M $20.1M $52M
Aaron Rodgers Seven $130.75M $35M $18.678M $54M
Tony Romo Seven $119.5M $25M $17.1M $40M
Matthew Stafford* Five $76.5M $27.5M $15.3M $43M
*Two years remaining on original deal, plus reported extension signed on Tuesday.

Andy Dalton won't see a contract near this value. Not for several years, at least.


The Denver Broncos tagged offensive tackle Ryan Clady as their franchise player earlier this year. They have until this Monday to finalize an extension before the deadline passes for franchise players to sign long-term deals. According to the Denver Post, the Broncos have offered a greater deal than the five-year proposal worth $50 million.

The proposal would make Clady either the NFL's second-highest paid offensive lineman to Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas or third-highest depending on how one views Jason Peters' contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The players union says Peters' extension is worth $12.5 million a year. But because that was tacked on to two years of an existing contract, management considers his deal worth about $10 million a year.

For comparison's sake, the Bengals signed Andre Smith to a three-year deal worth $18.1 million with $5 million guaranteed. Smith's deal averages out to $6 million per season.

As for extension talks with Michael Johnson, all is quiet on the negotiations front.


Speaking of the Broncos, Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell was recently arrested for a DUI after driving into a Breckenridge police officer's SUV. Russell was also arrested for having no proof of insurance, careless driving causing injury, and having an open container.

"I deeply regret the poor judgment I demonstrated that resulted in my arrest over the weekend," Russell said in the statement. "I apologize to the Denver Broncos, our fans and the National Football League for this inexcusable mistake. I'm ashamed that I represented this region and the Broncos organization in the manner that I did. I take complete responsibility for my actions and will be fully accountable. Going forward, I will take steps to ensure this never happens again."


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is deflecting any attention about why his team drafted Aaron Hernandez, who is currently facing murder and gun charges.

"If this stuff is true, I've been duped, and our whole organization has been duped," Kraft said.

Though we have a hard time believing that an organization worth billions doesn't have the resources to compile the most comprehensive profiles, I can't blame Kraft. Nor can I blame former Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer, who recently denied several allegations that he covered up Hernandez's failed drug tests -- not that failed drug tests leads to someone being a murderer.

Even the shooting in 2007, Meyer was told by an assistant that some of his players were being questioned as witnesses. Meyer told, "I didn't think about it again until a couple of days ago."

Hernandez is trash. Blame him. Don't pile drive investigative reporting that asks why coaches aren't more responsible.


Lawrence Taylor Jr., the son of Hall of Fame player Lawrence Taylor, has been arrested on rape charges, according to the Associated Press.

Powder Springs police said Monday that 31-year-old Lawrence Taylor Jr. is accused of having sex with two underage girls. Police say one girl accused Taylor of sexually assaulting her July 6, and that another accused him of having consensual sex with her last year.

The elder Taylor hasn't been without his own problems, sentenced to six years of probation last year after "after pleading guilty to charges stemming from sex with an underage prostitute."

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