I Guess I Ran Into Some Trouble Fellow CincyJungle Members

So I was on FB and James Harrison updated a status saying

"I'm going to try reverse psychology on Hard Knocks. I'll just have them follow me everywhere and hopefully they'll get tired of me and stop wanting to film me! What y'all think?"

As I was looking at some of the comments I saw that a lot of Steelers fan was over TROLLING about the 6 Super Bowl they have

One Example:

"The Producers of Hard Knocks have never seen a Super Bowl ring in Cincinnati, that is why they are following you."

(There were a lot of other stuff, but I guess we dont need too much negativity)

And after seeing a lot of TROLL HARD Steelers Fan, I made my own response

"..♕Funny how torn the Steelers fan are after Harrison left to a in-division rival to the Bengals, all the Steelers ever talk about is the past success of the Super Bowls, Please Stop Trolling over it I understand they are Super Bowl Ring, but that was a few years ago, and Yes James, You should probably let them follow you everywhere and not do much but stay quiet and they will probably be tired of following you♕.."

This set off a lot of Steelers Fan

So Here are some responses

"when you get one,let us know. id rather have 6 a few years ago than never even have one. I bet we have 8 before you get 1 sucker!!!!"

Harrison is an elite athlete. The steelers organization did not want to pay for another year. He left because it made the most sense. It's gonna stab me in the brain everytime I see him in tiger colors (i'd say orange and black but I reserve the dubious distinction for a team from philly), but I will always admire no 92. James is a real man (minus the time he went to the news media to bitch about his teammates). You're a fool calling out my fan base. Why don't you make sure none of the cinci fans aren't doing similarly nonsensical things to my fan base before you open your mouth. If you wanna spit nonsense, don't do it on a player's page who all steelers fan's have some personal investment in. Unless you'd like maxillofacial surgery from one of the less eloquent and more violent members of my fanbase. There's this whole thing called "accountability" and "think before you speak."

So I Simply Responded back (its somewhat my nature, not trying to prove how stubborn i am but standing up for my Cincinnati Bengals)

"..♕Please Not On James Harrison Page Please, If You Guys Want To Debate This We Can Go Elsewhere♕.."

So There's that Might be a long day for me indeed gonna have to debate with Ignorant Steelers Fanbase


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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