Game viewing alternatives for out of towners

Being out of town with limited cable, it's been frustrating to say the least watching Bengals games over the years.

My typical Sunday afternoon ritual during the NFL season involves arriving to a sports bar around 12:45, hoping to get a good seat in front of whichever TV is featuring the Bengals game (some bars don't label the games so you have to ask a waitress and then wait 20 minutes for her to get the manager to come out and identify or set a TV), having no sound for the game, occasionally having to ask for the game to be put on because the TV is set to the wrong channel (which of course aggravates the waitress/bartender since they never seem to realize that 90% of their business on a Sunday afternoon is due to having NFL Sunday Ticket available), being surrounded by obnoxious Steeler fans, and of course feeling obligated to spend $20-30 so I don't feel like a mooch as I watch my game.

I don't feel like going through the hassle to get Direct TV (for whatever that would cost) and then paying another $225+ for NFL Sunday Ticket. And the illegal online streaming (not that I'd ever try it...) isn't worth it since the quality is so terrible (not to mention potential virus risks and sporadic shutdowns of sites - I notice was shut down this past weekend).

What I am considering getting is NFL Game Rewind. From what I gather, if you spend $29.99 on the "Follow Your Team" package, you can view a replay of each Bengals game online after the conclusion of each respective Sunday night game. Unfortunately, Sunday night games start at 8:30 P.M., so you likely wouldn't be able to watch the Bengals game until around midnight.

However, there is a condensed version available which cuts out all commercials and game time between plays, so the total running time is approximately 30 minutes. Theoretically, one could watch each Bengals game around midnight or perhaps wake up early Monday (or Tuesday/Friday if it's a week game) morning before work and watch it in the comfort of their own living room. Additionally, you could rewind any play, pause whenever, and have readily available access to review any game of the season at any time.

The biggest issue of course would be avoiding the news, namely this site (which would be rather difficult), other games which would show scores/highlights, and random "Who-Dey" texts from friends all day to avoid the inevitable spoilers.

Has anyone tried this approach before and/or have any thoughts on this? In particular, does announcing/updates come with it (specifically with the condensed version) and if not, can it get confusing or frustrating?

Ideally I'd love to be able to hang out with fellow Bengals fans and enjoy each game with a few brewskies. However, living in the deep south, it is unfortunately not a reality. And I guess my fiancee would be happier with my Sundays freed up to spend more time with her...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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