Paring Down the Roster

With some announcements recently about PUP and injuries, here's what I have for the 53-man roster going into the Dallas pre-season game:

Offense (25)

QB (2) - Dalton, JJohnson

Comments: Skelton may draw a trade; I'd be shocked if he at least doesn't get picked up on waivers. Robinson headed for PUP.

FB (1) - Conner

Comments: Conner looked too good on short yardage compared to Charles, who can't move the pile nearly as well. Pressley goes to PUP.

RB (4) - BJGE, Bernard, Peerman, Burkhead

Comments: It didn't matter how well Herron played as long as the top four didn't get hurt. Herron could draw a PS spot but isn't good enough to make many teams' rosters. Bernard Scott goes to PUP.

TE (3) - Gresham, Eifert, Charles

Comments: I think they do go with Charles as a guy who can play better teams and H-back in comparison with Alex Smith, who I think will be available off the street if needed. I think this is the smartest way to go (but concede that I don't know what the Bengal brass is thinking on this one).

WR (6) - Green, Sanu, Jones, Tate, Hamilton, Whalen

Comments: Again, the 7th spot (with Sanzenbacher losing in my assessment) is a tight one. We may be able to trade Sanzenbacher or Whalen, and that would solve the talent issue. I'm not sure that Hamilton would get picked up on waivers, so he may end up on the PS, too. Hawkins goes to IR-Return.

OL (9) - Whitworth, Boling, Cook, Zeitler, Andre Smith, Robinson, Collins, Roland, Hawkinson

Comments: Again, the last couple of spots are mysteries. I think that Mike Pollak still could grab Hawkinson's spot. But I also think that they'd like to try to bring Fragel and TJ Johnson onto the PS. Pollak will likely be available off the street although Denver might have their eye on him to play Center (as they have brought in one retired vet and traded for another interior OL today after having two centers down in camp).

Defense (25)

DL (9):

DEs (5) - Geathers, Dunlap, Hunt, MJohnson, Gilberry

DTs (4) - Atkins, Peko, Still, Thompson

Comments: Larry Black on IR. Maybe Moch gets a PS whiff. After checking his prior game day active history, I believe he's eligible. Some have been impressed with Terrence Stephens.

LB (6) - Harrison, Maualuga, Burfict, Lamur, DiManche, Rey

Comments: Porter goes to IR. Schaffer can't beat out Rey for the backup/STs spot but is eligible still for a PS spot.

DB (10):

CB (5) - Hall, Newman, Pacman, Kirkpatrick, Ghee

S (5) - Nelson, Williams, Iloka, Mays, Miles

Comments: Miles beats out Prater & CLH for the 10th DB spot on basis of superior STs potential. These two are eligible for PS as is McCalebb. But I don't think McCalebb gets a spot.

STs (3)

P - Huber, K - Nugent, LS - Harris

Comments: No surprises here. Sharp probably will find a team by the end of the season. He looked pretty good to me although his kickoffs did lack height in the TN game.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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