Important Fantasy Football Advice

(for those competing in leagues with me)

Defense wins championships. Please follow this old adage.
You can’t go wrong with taking a defense in round 1. Or round 2 at the latest.
Usually the worst defense last year will be the best defense this year. So look up which defense was the worst defense in the NFL last year, and be sure to draft them in round 1 or 2 this year!!!

Kickers are people too, or so they claim.
Most people will wait later in the draft to select a kicker. Don’t fall for this ploy!
If you draft a kicker earlier in the draft, you’ll be assured of getting the best kicker in your league!
Draft a kicker in round 3 at the latest!!!

Totally useless. All QB’s score points. So what.
Also, a running QB will ALWAYS trump a passing QB, because they get rushing stats.
Therefore, Jack Locker is a better grab than Peyton Manning, because Jack Locker runs the ball.
So when you do get around to drafting a QB (ideally after you have already drafted your second defense), draft a QB like Jake Locker or Tim Tebow, because they can run the ball.

Running Backs
Ugh, what a useless position in fantasy football.
You might as well wait until round 8 or 9 to draft a Running Back.
There are 32 NFL teams, and 3 or 4 RB’s per team – that’s over 100 RB’s that you have to pick from.
But there are only 32 Defenses and 32 Kickers!!!
So Running Backs can wait.

Wide Receivers
M Sanu is the second best Receiver in Fantasy Football this year (behind only AJ Green).
Draft Sanu early.
You won’t need any other WR’s on your team once you’ve drafted Sanu. He’s strong enough to carry the load.

Tight Ends
In fantasy football a good blocking TE is better than a receiving TE.
Because the blocking TE will open up more running lanes for your fantasy Running Backs.
Therefore, be sure to draft a good run-blocking TE as your starting TE in your draft!

Bye Weeks
Bye Weeks be damned. If you come upon a week where you’ve only got 3 starters not on bye week, so what?
Show that you’ve got some balls of steel by starting your 3-man lineup against your opponent’s 8 starters.
Like the coach from Hoosiers said, "my team is on the floor"!!!

So, if you’re competing in a fantasy football league with me this year, please remember to follow this valuable advice.!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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