Roll Call: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys, Preseason Game No. 3

Roll call is here.

Top commenter is emeybee (surprise) with Cali making a run. We had 48 people talking in two open threads (pregame and official game) totally 1,499 comments... hold on... 1,500 comments... and did I say 48 people? I mean 49. I'm just glad John didn't have to watch a Julia Roberts movie.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,500
Total commenters 49
Commenter list BamaBengal, Bengalsfan78, Bigcatdaddy, Boomer Lion, CaliBengalsFan#97, Craig Conrad, DonavonBR, IllinoisBengal, JUNGLEJOHN, Jake Liscow, Josh Kirkendall, LovetheBengalsinVA, Loyal2aFault, Middlesex, Mr. Bungle., NK24, Nwa19, OlderWilsonBro123, Oregonbengalsfan, SCbengalsfan, SerbianBengalsFan, Spenser Duke Blevins, TX Bengal, TommyBengal, caldwell22, carolinabengal, diehard bengals fan 20, emeybee, gingerQB, iamJON, kgj513, lightskin350, markwalker0303, messjunk, minddrifter, miniglik, n8dogg, nfl391, occams_tiger_teeth, omniologist, palewook, pilks1075, rmk, sexsalad, sleech, soubuckeye, steveinct, suade72, whodeynation
Story URLs

# Commenter # Comments
1 emeybee 303
2 CaliBengalsFan#97 219
3 messjunk 154
4 minddrifter 104
5 sexsalad 98
6 soubuckeye 89
7 SerbianBengalsFan 78
8 Oregonbengalsfan 68
9 palewook 35
10 occams_tiger_teeth 34
11 OlderWilsonBro123 33
12 DonavonBR 29
13 gingerQB 29
14 markwalker0303 27
16 steveinct 20
17 TX Bengal 19
18 Mr. Bungle. 18
19 iamJON 15
20 lightskin350 11
21 Spenser Duke Blevins 10
22 miniglik 10
23 SCbengalsfan 10
24 LovetheBengalsinVA 9
25 TommyBengal 6
26 Jake Liscow 4
27 n8dogg 4
28 whodeynation 4
29 omniologist 4
30 Craig Conrad 4
31 Nwa19 3
32 carolinabengal 3
33 diehard bengals fan 20 3
34 sleech 2
35 nfl391 2
36 suade72 2
37 BamaBengal 2
38 Bigcatdaddy 1
39 Middlesex 1
40 Loyal2aFault 1
41 caldwell22 1
42 Boomer Lion 1
43 rmk 1
44 Bengalsfan78 1
45 Josh Kirkendall 1
46 NK24 1
47 IllinoisBengal 1
48 kgj513 1
49 pilks1075 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 soubuckeye I'm scrolling back up to the top of the game thread
4 soubuckeye 76 = Cut
3 soubuckeye "The moral of the story? Don't hit the big screen!"
3 sexsalad They should definitely employ you. You could knock on doors and break the news.
3 emeybee [no title]
3 miniglik You know what's awesome?
3 JUNGLEJOHN I am back. Wife is watching a Julia Roberts movie in bed and I ain't havin it. What did I miss. Not much I expect.
3 SerbianBengalsFan Oh, Lord
3 JUNGLEJOHN You are wrong there. I think he actually did at least once tonight.
3 emeybee Hunt didn't block the kick AGAIN. Cut him.
2 emeybee I don't know who to hate on this team anymore, LOL
2 emeybee I think Mikey just needs to be his stubborn self
2 soubuckeye As pissed as Zimmer looks
2 messjunk Your callin' out Jones though : )
2 soubuckeye Naaah...
1 emeybee Apparently you won't miss him too much, LOL
1 emeybee Can we just refuse to cut anyone?
1 soubuckeye Adding to my TO DO list...
1 JUNGLEJOHN I think the team needed this drubbing. They may have been reading too many press clippings.
1 markwalker0303 Has Dre actually ever been taught to tackle??
1 miniglik [no title]
1 soubuckeye Wait a F**KING minute here...
1 BamaBengal I know its just preeseason but
1 palewook indy fans had amazing luck.
1 emeybee [no title]
1 diehard bengals fan 20 this will be a super bowl team
1 CaliBengalsFan#97 where the Tate Haters at?
1 soubuckeye [no title]
1 CaliBengalsFan#97 other teams are drooling over are soon to be cut players.
1 emeybee I said that two weeks ago, man
1 messjunk [no title]
1 emeybee Hunt!
1 emeybee Da
1 sexsalad Simple Serbian, you mean?
1 SerbianBengalsFan HAHAHA, this is so good :D
1 palewook batfleck.
1 JUNGLEJOHN That was the most pathetic tackling effort I have seem in a while.
1 Oregonbengalsfan Keep him in
1 Oregonbengalsfan DreKirk, #40, and JK Shafer
1 DonavonBR Oh look Dre covered a third stringer.
1 CaliBengalsFan#97 dre again.
1 emeybee He has a bruised ego?
1 sexsalad Why is everyone taking such a hard position on this either way?
1 messjunk Apparently he needs a manicure broken thumbnail
1 emeybee So, you're saying your wife kicked you out of bed? :)
1 gingerQB Our defensive field goal unit is awesome!
1 emeybee Miles by miles
1 emeybee LOL. Reedy made a funny.
1 emeybee Dre is still out there, LOL
1 steveinct Unless the QB misses his receiver by a mile
1 emeybee [no title]
1 messjunk Cobi hangs on progression
1 gingerQB Dre is staying after and cleaning the stadium when the game is done
1 sexsalad rec'd for the unnecessary anger
1 emeybee I think he's gone from 1st string to 2nd string to 3rd string with his terrible play
1 Mr. Bungle. Who let the dogs out?
1 sexsalad well, that escalated quickly
1 minddrifter As he should be, he has a LOT to learn apparently.
1 JUNGLEJOHN No I was wrong. It was his career he tackled.
1 sexsalad They should really have you help with personell decisions.
1 soubuckeye Gentlemen....
1 emeybee LOL, they said "ran stride for stride with Andre Smith"
1 emeybee Moch poke
1 sexsalad I never expect 2 and outs.
1 CaliBengalsFan#97 i dont want to raise a fool!
1 messjunk I think he was a reach : )
1 OlderWilsonBro123 What's this defense thing the announcers keep talking about?
1 emeybee Uh?
1 JUNGLEJOHN I think they are leaving Dre in as punishment for sucking so bad.
1 SerbianBengalsFan He is in shape
1 emeybee DreKirk now relegated to the 4th string, LOL
1 DonavonBR Hunt looks so lost...
1 emeybee Did they sub in scrub refs too?
1 emeybee Need to give Williams some work

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