Tecmo Bowl Futures: Bengals Vs. Colts

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

The final pre-season game, a time when most of the starters will be in street clothes after the half. Dalton may see some time on the field, but it is going to be limited. In Tecmo however, rosters are at full strength. Let's see how this game shakes out.


The Bengals start with the Giovani Bernard show. Jay Gruden calls the pitch around the left side of the line play about 10 times in a row with success. However, the drive stalls due to pressure from Jerrell Freeman and some inaccurate throws from Andy Dalton.


Mike Nugent finishes the drive with a field goal and the Bengals strike first.


On the Colts ensuing possession, a completed pass turns into an opportunity for the Bengals to create a turnover. Bengals get the ball with great field position. At the end of one, the Bengals lead 3-0.


The passing game is off for the Bengals. Dalton still has not completed a pass. The receivers have been open but poor throws and drops are plaguing this offense. The Bengals are forced to attempt another field goal.


Mike Nugent's attempt is good and the Bengals lead is 6.


A whole lot of defense on the next possession for the Colts and they are forced to punt. Michael Johnson continues his Tecmo dominance. The Bengals also fail to reach the end-zone and are forced to their third field goal attempt.



On the last play of the half, the Colts suffer a big injury on a long pass play.


At the half, the leg of Nugent is the difference in this game. The Bengals lead is 9-0.


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The Colts open up with a long touchdown run by T.Y. Hilton. However, the extra point is no good and the Bengals lead is cut to 3.


Aside from one 16yd completion in the first half to Mohamed Sanu the passing game has been nonexistent. A.J. Green gets his first action of the day on a diving catch.


However, the Colts defense once again is stout and the Bengals need to attempt a fourth field goal.



On the next Colts possession, James Harrison jars the ball loose and recovers it for the Bengals.


At the end of 3 the Bengals lead 12-6


The passing game is still struggling as Andy Dalton throws a red zone interception.


The Colts capitalize on a break away run from Hilton. The extra point is good and the Bengals are now losing in the 4th quarter.


Marvin Jones says enough is enough and takes the kickoff 99yds for a touchdown for the second week in a row. The Bengals are back on top 19-13.


The Bengals defense stays strong and is able to force a turnover on downs. Rather than take the knee, Dalton hits A.J. Green for a touchdown and the Bengals extend the lead.



T.Y. Hilton is again able to find daylight and the Colts score a garbage time touchdown to make it look a little more respectable on the scoreboard.



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