Final Roster

The pre-season finale gave a lot of food for thought.

Here's my positional analysis:

QB: Johnson will be the backup on a two QB roster, but Skelton looked sharp. He could draw a trade from somebody and definitely deserves to be picked up.

RB: Herron did everything right and yet it still won't be enough.

FB: If they go with only one of the two, I'd take Conner. He was stout in short yardage and clearly to me is more valuable to this year's team in comparison with Charles.

TE: I'm not sure whether they keep Alex Smith or Charles. I think that they'll keep Alex Smith but admit I have no clue where this one is going.

OL: The starters plus AC, Robinson, Roland and Hawkinson.

WR: Tough decision here. I think they keep Green, Sanu, Jones, Hawkins, Tate, and Sanzenbacher to start. Then they put Hawkins on IR-Return and pick up Whalen and/or Hamilton depending on who is still available. If both are not picked up, they might sign Whalen back and start the season with Hamilton on PS. That's what I'd do. And if Whalen gets picked up, you sign Hamltion back. Another option is to keep 7 WRs intiially and go with 9 DBs.

DL: The top 9 have been set since spring. However, I concede that Dontay Moch moved into the discussion of "What now?" tonight. I think the guy can play and would be a best fit as an OLB in a 3-4. But I don't think we have a space for him on this roster unless we go 6 WR, 9 DB and 6 LB. And I would heavily consider doing that.

LB: The Lamur injury was a dislocated shoulder. Recovery from a simple version of that is about 3-4 weeks. I think they'll have to keep him on the roster (as opposed to IR). Now you have to have someone who can provide decent coverage at WILL on 3rd down. In the short term I think that guy is Vinnie Rey (although he's not as good as Lamur). That names off 5 LBs from an expected 6-man roster. Here's the problem with man #6: Schaffer looked great again but really is limited to MIKE and STs, while DiManche isn't ready to play more than STs yet. Schaffer's biggest problem is his relatively limited size, and you could see at times tonight how he can get engulfed on run plays by interior OL. The other relevant thing on Schaffer is that he's not going to play SAM or WILL (because he lacks the size for the former and the speed for the latter). DiManche clearly is lost on D and will take a while before he is ready to contribute consistently on D. At this point I'd like to reward Schaffer for his great play but know that DiManche is the guy who is a greater asset to the organization. Plus, I think Schaffer will remain available for the PS.

DB: The first 5 CBs are set (Hall, Newman, Pacman, Kirkpatrick, Ghee) as are the first 3 Safeties (Nelson, Iloka, Williams). The rest of this roster depends on where the team goes with bubble guys like Moch, the last LBs, the last WRs, and the TE/FB situation. I personally would be tempted to go light at DB with 9 and cut Mays while keeping Miles. While both of these guys are good STs players and neither is much on D, Miles probably has been the better STs player. And Mays has consistently shown that he won't be a dependable safety. But this is a tough call.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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