Roster Predictions: 5 Starters before the End of the Year...

Football is back, not officially, but nonetheless, its back! And there is nothing better than debating within the Cincy Jungle community about who is who and what is what.

Before the Bengals start their pre-season and especially before the start of Hard Knocks, I would like to post a few roster predictions that I think will happen before the end of this season (hopefully, heading into the playoffs).

I had never been as excited as I am for a Bengals team than this year! I think Marvin finally has found a formula that builds chemistry and talent. Either way we look at it, we are going to cut a good player. However, I don’t think the roster spots are set in stone and they never are at the beginning of the year. So I decided to list out my future 2013 Bengals roster starts.

Feel free to create your own list or add your input!!!

1.Shawn Williams- Whether its Mays or Iloka starting at SS at the beginning of the year, I truly think its Shawn Williams job to take over by playoff time. Iloka probably will get the first opportunity, but we will need a more physical presence when it comes to the playoffs.

This year we will face multiple teams with dynamic RBs, if we were to make the playoffs. Some of the more obvious RBs we may face in the playoffs are Foster and Rice. And if you look at the NFC side, the favorite teams to win the NFC championship have Gore, Lynch and don’t sleep on the Vikings and Peterson.

I think if you’re looking purely at physical stand point, Williams will match up well against those running backs I had mentioned above. And maybe our missing link to get over this first round hump. The major question surrounding Williams is his coverage ability, but if you isolate Williams against a RB, it won’t be as much as a liability.

2. Dre Kirkpatrick- I think once Kirkpatrick breaks the starting line-up, its his job to lose. I don’t know much detail on what transpired last year and Kirkpatrick. Obviously, there was an injury. But something leads me to believe it was more than just an injury that kept Kirkpatrick back.

Zimmer had some interesting comments this training camp that alluded to Kirkpatricks attitude. And with the buzz that Kirkpatrick is getting this year, it seems like the light switch has finally come on for Swag.

There is no denying Kirkpatricks physical attributes and somewhat reminds me of a Richard Sherman… lets hope he can put it all together mentally. There will be injurys and there will be an opportunity for Kirkpatrick to take what is his. I believe it will be before the end of this year.

3. Giovani Bernard – What bad can I say about this guy? Bernard is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team. He seems to say all the right things.

If it wasn’t for some of the coaching mentality, Bernard should probably start at the beginning of this year. I think with some of the coaching philosophies now, certain starting positions will have to be earned. And with BJGE ahead of Bernard, this starting role will have to wait a bit.

Come playoff time and probably closer to mid-season, I expect a RB change. BJGE is a perfect complimentary back, but I don’t like him as our start while we have Bernard. We will need both this year, but we need a guy that brings multiple threats every time he steps on to the back field. Bernard is finally that guy.

As the year goes, Bernard touches will increase in each game while BJGE will go down. I think for now, it’s a good mix. We will have game changer and power back. I personally like their nicknames to be “Wear and Tear”. But this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Bernard will eventually be the starter, if anything, people are going to question why it took so long.

4. Chris Pressley- I think moving Charles to the back field is an effort to get Charles more playing time. I don’t it’s a permanent move; it does make sense while Pressley is recovering. I fully expect him to start on the PUP list this season and slowly make his way back to the starting roster as FB later this year.

Pressley is probably one of our more under rated players. But there is no question, after Pressley got hurt, our production at HB went down. If Pressley can fully recover this year, I expect him back.

5. Trevor Robinson- I know Cook is getting some good reviews already and I really hope he makes a full recovery, However, I don’t think Cook is a long term solution. I know some have given him the benefit of the doubt last year. Cook was coming back from an injury and faced fierce competition, but that can’t be an excuse this year.

I like Trevor Robinson this year because he will play with a chip on his shoulder from being knocked out of the starting lineup when Cook came back. Robinson seemed to gain momentum as the year was progressing last year, but coaches decided to go with a veteran. Hindsight, may have been a bad decision.

I think when the opportunity comes this year, Trevor will answer the call. However, both players have ceiling that isn’t elite or above average. IMO, Center will be address early next draft.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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