I think, I know, I wish, I hope.... (CIN VS CHI)

Three things i think:

1. I love Zim and our defense. But, I think they got out coached this week. Chicago had a great game plan. Watching the replay, the QB was making super quick throws -- or, moving out of the pocket, or they had 2 backs in for extra protection. To me, it really looked like they were very focused on limiting our D-Lines pass rush impact. And we had no answer...

2. I think our special teams are going to be "Special" this year if we can stop the stupid penalties.

3. I think Dalton discovered a long-lost secret quarterback trick... "the pump fake". He hasn't used that very much, but, it sure worked this week.

Three things I know:

1. This was, by far, Andy Dalton's best game as Bengals QB. Not strictly from stats point of view, but-- he was calm, he didn't loose his composure when things went bad. He seemed to have lost his "happy feet" in the pocket and looked composed and confident going through his progressions. He made some spectacularly accurate throws. I am digging the year 3 Dalton. Now, our receivers need to catch the balls and "hold-on" to it.

2. A.J. Green was rusty. He didn't play much in the preseason and he needed this game to get his game feet (and mindset) calibrated. He will shake it off this week.

3. Chicago's defense didn't seem to be very concerned with BJGE. No major adjustments or stunts when he was the lone back in the backfield.

Three things I wish:

1. I wish Adam Jones return had not been called back for a cheesy block in the back call. To me, that was a complete game changing momentum killer.

2. I wish Gio had been given more carries and had established some type of run threat on the offense.

3. I wish I had 5 more wishes, but, lasty -- I wish Sanu had held onto that ball. Again.. complete game changing momentum killer.

Three things I hope for this week:

1. I hope we are better on 3rd downs this week. On both sides of the ball.

2. I hope our defense finds a way to put Worthlessburger on his butt.

3. I hope we are ready for some stupid "trick" plays from Pitt. They love to do those to us.

What do you Think, Know, Wish, Hope...?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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