How much do we like Marvin Lewis as a head coach of Bengals?

If Bill Parcells, Bill Belichik, Tony Dungee, Tom coghlin are the gold standard by which to compare head coaches where does our Marvin Lewis stand? Is he outstanding, above average, average, below average or complete dud (E.g. Dave Shula)

It is time to take pulse of Bengaldom. Please vote!

Some criteria to consider before we vote with our hearts:

1. Let us not evaluate Lewis against the bleak 15 years we suffered as Bengals and be content that we are much better than what we used to be, rather let us compare against the head coaches across the league.

2. As WillPower posted, let us not give too much weightage for drafting talent, rather focus on coaching. (Although I would say Lewis record on drafting is mixed at best. Steve Jackson/Chris Perry fiasco still hurts)

3. Let us consider pre-game and in-game decisions -- preparation, clock management, coach's challenges, half-time adjustments to counter opponents strategies, etc.

4. Let us consider getting the best out of and coping with temperamental talent: e.g. Contrast Lewis's handling of Chad Johnson, Correy Dillon, Takeo Spikes, DE Smith, and so on with Belichik's handling of temperamental players.

My vote: Average coach who is lucky to have tremendous talent with whom an outstanding coach at least reaches conference finals against Broncos.

Marvin has repeatedly proven that he is a mediocre coach. When it comes to throwing challenge flags and managing the clock he is consistent in screwing it up. There are like glaring 7-8 mistakes at least every season that are not just questionable but plain stupid. His play calling and adjustments to game plan are just average and sometimes a tad better than average IMO.

Under him the D sucked for several years until Zim came along. Imo he was just lucky as Ravens def coordinator — it was great players with Ray playing MLB that made Marvin look better than he was. The recent Bengals success is in spite of Marvin not because of. I would guess majority of bengal fans think marvin is avg coach at best

He is probably above average in drafting in recent years but that should count towards only 15 or less percent of head coach.

With his regular season and playoff win-loss record, he would have been long fired if with another NFL team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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