How I see the Bengals' offense this year.

Spoiler alert: it's good.

Mainly, if the offensive line can hold up enough to give Dalton 3-4 seconds per snap when he drops back, I think we can expect really great things from this offense. Let's break it down by player, shall we?

1) AJ Green- We know what AJ is. One of the best two receivers in football. If the rest of the offense opens him up (which I think they will), look out. He is the golden goose, he's the real deal, he is what has made our offense anything at all over the past two years and there's no reason at all to think he's going to not have a career year in his third season.

2) Law Firm- there really isn't a better short yardage back in football right now than Green-Ellis. I realize he's starting the season as the primary back, but I think we all anticipate Gio getting an awful lot of significant snaps by midseason. If that happens, the Law Firm can settle into the role most suited for him, power formations and short yardage. If the Bengals are in a 3 or less situation to goal or first down, BJGE absolutely will get those yards. He will.

3) Giovani Bernard- the kid is special. I mentioned in an earlier FanPost that I think he should be called The Glitch. If you watch Wreck It Ralph, Vanellope has a glitch that she can use to her advantage, where she basically disappears and materializes in front of the other racers. That's what I think it's like watching Gio change directions. It's instantaneous, and he's six feet over there as soon as he shuffles his feet. Running or catching the ball, he adds an entirely new dimension to an offense that was severely lacking a homerun hitting back since...well, since James Brooks. Or more realistically, since Chris Perry in 2005.

4) Jermaine Gresham- Gresh is the guy who's going to catch the ball within 10 yards of the LOS and God Forbid you're the guy who tries to tackle him. YAC is Jermaine's bread and butter. He isn't a tight end who's going to stretch the field, we've seen enough to know that. But God have mercy on your soul if you try to tackle him after he catches the ball.

5) This brings us to Tyler Eifert. Eifert IS the guy who's going to stretch the field in the middle. He can't block like Gresham yet, but I'd be shocked if he's on the field for less than 65% of offensive snaps. He's a damn vacuum, and 20+ yards down the field or in the middle of the other team's defense, he's going to pull the ball in. Just an outstanding receiver from the TE position, the slot, or outside. This opens up crazy possibilities.

6) Mohamed Sanu- a young Anquan Boldin. I don't really think I need to expound on that. Actually, let's compare him to a Boldin/Houshmandzadeh hybrid. He's going to make the tough catch, he's going to get a ton of yards after, while he makes guys look like little bitches along the way. The kid is strong. And he's healthy. Insert big smile here.

All in all, if you double AJ in 2013, you're going to pay. Maybe not with the homerun, but in chunks. God forbid you keep an extra guy in the box to contain Gio or Eifert/Gresham...because then I can all but guarantee that Green is going ham.

It's truly up to Dalton and the offensive line this season. All of the pieces are in place, and I fully expect them to come out and hit the Bears every way 'til Sunday in week 1. Fellas, it's gonna be a good year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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