This Past Weekend Was Just Great

The Bulldogs Of Fresno State Beat Boise State 41-40 In A Back And Forth Game, I Went To The Game And Be Part Of The Sellout Crowd There, I Just Wish Fresno State Had More Culture And History, But Oh Well Lost My Voice After The 1st Quarter After Dehydration From Moving My Car Off-Campus And Having To Run Across 4-5 Blocks..

The Game was on TV Nationally and yes ESPN is totally biased, heard that they were looking for Boise State To Beat Fresno State, I feel bad for us but it's okay something just to link the Bengals and Fresno State Bulldogs together having ESPN being so biased to us..

Also Got A Lot Of Good View On Some Fresno State Players As Well Too

Derek Carr QB- I thinking the guy is a product of the system, nothing against him, but I havent been able to see him go under center since Coach DeRuyter came in, I know he has been a Pro-Style Offense since the Pat Hill Days, but that was almost 2 years ago when he was actually under center.. I think he is clearly a good QB at the moment, if he can go through his progression and not lock on too one certain WR he will be up there with the rest of the bunch or maybe better.. Still havent seen the long ball from Derek Carr, opposing teams are heavily playing two deep man coverage over the top and a Cover 3 with man underneath with a combination of zone..

Projection: late 1st round pick to a 2nd round pick at this moment

DaVante Adams WR- This guy might just be the next real deal at WR, he will make defender miss and make them take a seat on his jukes and smooth body control, has great hands, but sometimes have easy drops due to hearing footsteps coming.. Probably will have a great future in the NFL if coming out (I think he will come out for the NFL Draft) I seen him since last year and he just got better as a WR, route running maybe a little bit raw and he knows the soft spot in zone coverages and have some trouble over the middle when asked to go over the middle..

Projection: 2nd round to early 3rd round pick at this moment

Isaiah Burse WR- Let just say he keeps the offense going for Fresno State when in need, this guys makes those few yards catch and turn them up field by making the 1st initial defender miss and then BAM there he goes.. From what I have seen from the 3 games so far, this guy is the one who is making all the plays opposite of Adams, He makes defenders miss and he is 5'11 or 6'0 and works very well and have a lot of shifty move as well too.

Projection: 3rd-5th round at the moment

Josh Harper WR- Probably the other WR who doesnt get much love due to Burse 3 yard catch into 30+ yards run and Adams shitfy-ness making defenders all, Harper is the probably the one who gets lost in the shuffle due to playing in the slot/outside as well he gets a lot of single coverage throughout the game but make differ with how the opposing team is defending the Bulldogs, he made a spectacular catch last Friday Night going into the air and adjusting to a throw with the Boise State defender I think he is a project but a good one

Projection:5th round-7th round

Austin Wentworth OT- Well I havent paid much attention to O-line but will go back and look into this guy but his names reminds me of Whitworth

Projection: Incomplete

Derron Smith S- Probably one of the better S in the Nation, great hands and ball skills also is a good tackler who can come up in the box and make plays and also cover in the back end, size maybe his disadvantage being 5'11..

Projection 2-4th round

And Now My Saturday was recovery

And Now to Sunday's game

Everyone knows that the Bengals won and I had a family gathering at my place on that Sunday as well too and all my cousins was there to enjoy this moment with me, I am guessing everyone was rooting for the Packers, because I was the only Bengals Fan rooting for us, all my cousins know I am the die hard Bengals fan, haha well missed the opening drive but came and saw the muffed catch by Ross and Marvin Jones, Orson Charles and Taylor Mays hustle to recover the football and it was just going great knowing the Bengals having the football back and in the red zone already just have me a good feeling, then BAM TD Bengals up 14-0

I left for awhile (Watch Shaman) and came back seeing the score was 14-13 with the Bengals Defense allowing a FG instead of a TD good thing to keep them kicking FG's inside the Red Zone..

Asked my cousins what happen and they told me the Bengals turned the ball over Fumble and Fumble and I was like OMG!! Seriously Why Does This Always Happens To You, We Gotta Stop Shooting Ourselves In the Foot..

Then went to Half 16-14 Bengals down and Packers Up

Packers takes control of the game and put the game what to seem to be out of reach 30-14 with Bengals trailing, for some odd reason I just had that one feeling, I know we are going to fight back, because the Packer DB's arent that good and they know we are going to pass, but you just cant stop AJ Green, and then BAM TD Bengals, Dalton to Green, 30-21 Packers but I know it was still a 2 TD's game and knowing that I was positive going into the 4th Quarter with 15minutes left to play, the defense steps up and create a few INT and Bengals Drives down and score a TD from Dalton to Jones, 30-27(XP blocked) OMG, it's okay it's only a 3 point game

Packers Possession, drives down the field by simply dumping the back on curls and comeback routes and bubble screen and then on that Cobb play on the sideline ( I left so i didnt know what happen until after the game) I asked my cousins but they say its 4th and inches, I watched the entire 4th and inches play

In my head: It's a run up the gut Rodger wont sneak it after what happen on that run near the endzone taking unnecessary hits Franklin tries to leap over the top, Offensive line seemed to got pushed back and next thing I saw was Reggie Nelson looking for something (the football is out)

Me Cheering: It's a Fumble Recover by the Bengals (all my cousins looked at my crazy) and then Nelson started to run and make Rodgers miss and Cobb forced a fumble and I remember seeing 3-4 Bengals behind Cobb and then T-New picked up the football on a one bounce or two bounce and had a convoy with him and from then I was screaming and cheering!!

And then the last drive for the Packers, seems like Rodgers was going to drive back down the field to score and seal the deal, but I know the Bengals D wouldnt allow that, Zimmer and Co. know what to do, pin our D-line ears back and get to the passer, but this wasnt about sacks, it was about smart football, I remember Dunlap batted the 3rd down pass and then i was like okay one more, stop and it's GG just one more baby!!

I was watching, it was one of the slowest developing play I seen, Rodgers steps back, LT tries to cut MJ93, MJ93 avoids the cut and gets hands up and batted the pass down and all I remember was screaming "FUCK YES!! Baby!! Bengals Nation!! Who Dey!! And all my cousins were like in shock couldnt believe that the Packers have gone 30-0 run and the Bengals coming back with a 20-0 to win the game, I was just excited, Cant wait to re-watch the game somewhere soon, and yes made my weekend that much better, but expect the fact that i failed a quiz for attendance which made me miss 2 days but It was great spending time with my family and watching the game

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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