My random thoughts................some will like but most won't.

As a fan it's kinda hard to watch your team lose to a team that you are better than. Talent wise 1-53 our talent rivals any team in the league minus the 49ers who I believe are the best team in the league talent wise. They really don't have any huge holes and their QB is top 5 and they could easily win 13-14 games this year.

Many fans were upset about the coaching and of course throwing shots at MARVIN LEWIS as always when it's mainly on GRUDEN. The offensive line play was putrid in the run game but GIO BERNARD has to get more touches every game. A minimum of 12-15 touches every game, he is way to talented and versatile to get what...............4 or 5 touches yesterday. GRUDEN should have sat on the ball heading into half-time and took a 7pt lead. You have to watch DALTON in those situations because he will throw it to the defense. Sometimes he will get away with a bad pass and sometimes he won't. He doesn't have the arm to make those stick throws that he tries sometimes but DALTON is our guy and we will go as far as he takes us. I thought DALTON played well yesterday but minus GREEN no other WR stepped up. We win 9/10 games when GREEN goes off and has a monster game like yesterday. GREEN looked great, he looks stronger and even a little faster in year 3. If our offense is set to take off we have to get better play from our TE. They are both first round picks taken first in both of their draft classes but they finished with only 35 and 47 yards. EIFERT looked ok at times but if GRESHAM wants a new deal he must play better. I have never been a huge fan of GRUDEN and probably never will. I don't believe he is HC material and I was hoping like hell some team came in and took him off our hands moving JACKSON to OC..

HUE JACKSON is the better coach and everywhere he has been his players love him. GRUDEN will not be replaced this year unless the offense has a complete meltdown. Some team after this year will make JACKSON there OC and I am very surprised it did not happen this year.The team will really have to think about moving JACKSON because I feel like he is the better fit for this team. Just because I don't like GRUDEN I still hope like hell he has a great year calling plays this year. He simply can't make those kinda mistakes giving the schedule we have.

Some will probably disagree but I feel like next week is a must win on Monday Night Football. The entire country will be watching to see if this team is real or if it's the same old BENGALS. As fans who follow every movement this team makes we know how talented we are but other don't. You have people like Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon who throw out their opinion like it matters but Wilbon was 100% correct about the BENGALS play yesterday being stupid because it was. REY MAUALUGA has to know better in that situation because your offense is getting ready to get the ball back down 3 and DALTON was moving the ball through the air against them. I think we would have had a good chance to at worst get into FG range.

I just don't know about DRE KIRKPATRICK, it's way to early to call him a bust but ZIMMER might have to think about moving him to the S position. I have been screaming that the team move MAYS to LB and it looks like he will get some snaps there mainly because of the lack of depth and injuries we have. MAYS is excellent at running and hitting and LB allows him to do that. The same thing applies to KIRKPATRICK. Put the kid in position to make plays because it's clear to me he can't run with good WR. Stick him at SS and see what he can do. He sure as hell can't play any worst than he has so far this year.

Yesterday some say the team lacks discipline and it's on the coaches but I disagree. As pro players they have to know in those two situation how important it is to keep your head and give your team what they need to try and win a football game on the road. Winning on the road is so hard and we absolutely killed our self yesterday making the Bears look better than the are. Talent wise they are probably the 3rd best team in the division. The BENGALS want to be great but great teams don't make those killer mistakes. I would understand if a player is giving max effort and he comes up a little short but that was not the case. Those two players made dumb mistakes that cost their team a possible W and it reflects badly onto the entire team.

Everyone lost in the division yesterday but we are not good enough to give games away. I don't know how many teams have went down 0-2 and won their division or as made the playoffs as a wildcard but I would say it's not many. This is a must win game against the Steelers. Any fan who doesn't think that you are kidding yourself. The coaches and players will never say that but it will be in the back of their minds as they prepare for the Steelers this week. Pittsburgh is really banged up on both sides of the ball even losing their best offensive lineman and maybe the best C in the league in Pouncey. They gave up 5 sacks to the Titans and there could have been more if not for Ben. Regardless of all that you can bet anything that Mike Tomlin will have his guys fired up and ready to play on prime time. They lost a bad one just like we did and Pittsburgh will not roll over for any club regardless of injuries. MARVIN LEWIS has to get our guys ready to roll as well because it will be physical. HARRISON will have his best game of the year hopefully.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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