Mock me? Well Mock you too! lol 1.0, with trade rounds 1-4

With there being so much time left before the draft, combine, etc. I normally focus on the first 3-4 rounds of a mock draft. I feel the Bengals have clear needs, but largely have a great opportunity to continue to build on the depth at several positions through this draft. With us drafting in no man's land in the first round, I think this year more than any other will see the Bengals trading down and into the second round. I see Gilbert and Dennard both being gone and being our primary targets for the first round. With that in mind I could forsee us trading down with a team like the Jets (they have an extra third round pick from Revis deal), for example, who need several key playmakers at the skill positions (namely WR and TE). I would like and think it would benefit us greatly to trade out and gain extra picks (we would pick-up an additional 3rd and 4th, in addition to swapping picks) . Check this out:

Round 1 (#24 overall) - Traded to NYJ for their second round pick (#49 overall) and one of their 3rd round picks (#69 overall, they also still own pick #80) as well as their 4th round selection (#111 overall). Jets trade back into first round after selecting most likely a LT, WR or TE in first to pickup another top tier player to help Geno Smith. With two 3rd round picks they have the luxury of moving back up, while still holding onto their higher 3rd rounder.

Round 2 (#49 overall, from NYJ) - Travis Swanson, C Arkansas. With Gilbert and Dennard off the board by the time we pick in the first round the Bengals drop back and pickup additional picks in the process. Meanwhile they fill one of the most glaring needs overall, other than CB.

Round 2 (#55 overall) - Marcus Roberson, CB Florida. Gilbert, Dennard, Verrett and Fuller are gone at this point. This leaves us with the next tier of CB's being Roberson, Purifoy and Roby. I'd prefer Roberson, the knock on Purifoy is his open-field tackling and I'm still not sold on Roby.

Round 3 (#69 overall, from NYJ) - Andre Williams, RB Boston College. Nice running back to develop behind our current group. With Hue's style we're going to be needing more bodies at the RB position than usual.

Round 3 (#88 overall) - Zach Mettenberg, QB LSU. I feel he slides due to injury and couple off field issues, but he was also potentially a first round pick had he stayed healthy. I don't think he's still there for us if we wait until we pick in the 4th.

Round 4 (#111 overall, from NYJ) - Kareem Martin, DE North Carolina. Nice depth added to our DE unit. Had big year in 2013 with 11.5 sacks.

Round 4 (#119 overall) - Seantrel Henderson, T Miami. Mammoth offensive lineman at 6'7" and 345 lbs.

Would like to also see in next 3 rounds LB, S and possibly another CB. Will make sure and do another edition after combine with added rounds. "Who Dey" my jungle friends!

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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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