Morning Bites (1/14) and open thread

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Taking a look at the stories concerning the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL. Use this as an open thread too.

Doc: Let's give Sam Wyche a call
After Jay Gruden took the Washington job, my first thought was to call Sam Wyche. By the time I did, Hue Jackson was three days on the job. Still, a man can dream. Wyche as offensive coordinator, or even as a consultant, would be interesting. It might even work.

Remembering the 1988 Cincinnati Bengals
It's hard to remember, but 25 years ago, Cincinnati fielded one of the most innovative and influential teams in NFL history.

The Walkthrough: Top 5 Defining Plays
The sour ending makes people forget how entertaining the regular season was, particularly the first 12 games. But no five plays more defined how the season was judged and evaluated than these. These are in order of importance to the view of the year.

Could Darren McFadden fit into Bengals rotation?
Hue Jackson's "introductory" news conference Friday morning had barely ended before I started getting bombarded with tweets from those curious about the possibility the newly promoted offensive coordinator might want to bring one of his old players to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Monday notes: Geathers honored, Burfict on All-AFC team
Defensive end Robert Geathers is the Bengals recipient of their 2013 Ed Block Courage Award. The award honors players who demonstrate commitment to the values of sportsmanship and courage. Each NFL team selects one player as its nominee. Geathers will be honored with other teams’ recipients at the annual awards banquet in Baltimore.

Bell: Clock is ticking for both Manning and Brady ahead of AFC Championship Game
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Tom Brady is back in the AFC Championship Game, four quarters away from yet another Super Bowl.

Deaf Seahawks fullback stars in commercial that will give you chills
The above commercial is from Duracell and stars Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, who is the first legally deaf offensive player to ever play in the NFL. After not being drafted in 2012 despite a stellar career at UCLA, Coleman made the Seahawks this season.

5 eye-opening developments since the last Brady-Manning playoff matchup
Tom Brady holds a sizable advantage (10-4) over Peyton Manning in their career meetings, including a 2-1 postseason record against his fellow future Hall of Famer. But that last playoff win was in January 2005.

Lawyer: Former Cowboys DT Josh Brent not drunk on night of fatal crash
Trial begins in manslaughter case that left former defensive tackle's friend and teammate Jerry Brown dead.

Monday Observations: Final four teams benefiting from adaptability
The best teams in the NFL are chameleons. They are malleable, able to alter the ways they win and cultivate new strengths along their journey, and find ways to minimize their weaknesses. And those teams that cannot manage this, that are too married to a particular style of play, are no longer playing by this point in the postseason.

Deion Sanders announces he's 'suiting up' for Pro Bowl; NFL says no
Deion Sanders is a captain for this year's Pro Bowl and he's a captain who wants to suit up for the game.

Marques Colston's final play lateral was called by Saints coaches
Marques Colston made only one mistake on the Saints' final play: he illegally lateraled the ball forward. The call to throw the ball across the field came from the sideline.

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