East-West Shrine game

I thought I'd share a few of the players that I've been watching last season that have impressed and for those who don't know they'll be playing Saturday at 4.30pm

Seeing CB is a high priority for us and it looks to be the top position talent wise in this game. IMO double dipping is essential and not just picking a CB who has no chance at anything other than #6 on the depth chart though a few who will go unmentioned haven't even been that good that we've drafted in the past few years

East CB & S

#23 Andre Hal Vandebilt One of the top cover cover corners in the SEC and seeing I'm told ML always drafts from there he's a real chance of landing in stripes 5th -6th round

#15 Phillip Gaines Rice My dark horse CB this year his ability in coverage and to get his head around to find the ball have been impressive 7th round UDFA at this time

#3 Pierre Desir Lindenwood I've heard a lot of talk about this kid on CJ and other sites looking forward yo getting a close look at him. His height is 6'2" 40 speed is 4.56 3rd -5th round

#29 Hakeem Smith Louisville Was to be the #1 S this year he was totally outplayed by teammate Calvin Pryor 6th - UDFA

#10 Tre Boston NCU Good player with adequate size well worth a look

West CB & S

#16 Rashaad Reynolds Oregon State Been watching him play last two seasons always performs well, he plays ST returns kicks so he has good hands,a great tackler. A very similar player to Jordan Poyer who I wanted bad last year. He could be a good replacement for Crocker 4th -5th round

#5 Shaquille Richardson This kid looks to be a hybrid CB/S he has the height at 6'1" and is a ballhawk which is what we lack in our secondary. I'm a fan I watched him play over the last three seasons 6th-7th round

#32 E.j. Gaines Mizzou a smaller CB, 5'10", who has good coverage skills will be a higher pick around 3rd to 4th

#21 Brock Vereen Minnesota Quick hybrid S/CB I watched him play a game last season as a CB due to injuries performed very well at that spot he has speed as well 4.45 40 7th - UDFA if he goes undrafted would be my #! pickup for us there he's now jinxed : (

#1 Sean Parker Washington He's a bit small at 5'10" but hes a hard hitter and great open field tackler 7th - UDFA

Just a few names to watch as there's not much at other positions

East - Zac Kerin C, Justin Britt OT, Preston Brown ILB

West - Austin Wentworth OT, Jeremiah Sirles OT, Chandler Jones WR and Dakota Dozier OG great name

And finally The if only Tyler Lockett had declared mock Brandon Tate would be.......

1. Justin Gilbert CB Oaklahoma
2. Michael Sam DE Mizzou
3. Carlos Hyde RB Some team in the BIG10 : )
4. David Fales QB San Jose State
5. Rashaad Reynolds S/Nickle CB Oregon State
6. Tevin Reece WR/RS Baylor
7. Kevin Pierre-Louis OLB Boston
Comp pick Phillip Gaines CB Rice

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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