I don't care who the Bengals draft in the first round as long as its either on the offensive line or defensive line !

I prefer to keep AC at LT but he might have played himself out of a Bengal uniform in 2014 with his fantastic play down the stretch. Its clear that Big Whit's days at LT are behind him. He can still do it of course but he can be a all pro at OG. His size and strength is perfect inside at guard. We have need areas like any other team but we don't have any gigantic holes that must be addressed in round 1.

I want to throw out some names and get you guys feed back.

There 2 players from Notre Dame and I would love to get either one in this order:

Stephon Tuitt has a late first,early second rd grade at some sites but people like Mel Kiper would not be surprised if Tuitt worked himself up into the top 10 once the draft process is completed.Tuitt is the most versatile DL in this entire class. No other player in this class could start at all 7 positions on the DLine. Whether you employ a 3-4 or a base 4-3 Tuitt can do it all at 6'6 325. He had 12 sacks in 2012 playing DE in Notre Dames 3-4. His numbers fell off this year because he was never fully healthy all season but he still put up a very respectable 7.5 sacks. Tuitt is just as good versus the run and considering that Zimmer used both defensive schemes at times during his time here in Cincy Tuitt would be my number 1 option if he is still on the board.The flexibilty he would bring to this defense is well worth the value at 24.

Speaking of flexibilty and value look no further than OT/G Zack Martin. If Bengal fans are paying any attention to the Senior Bowl and I know you guys are. You already know that Martin is flat dominating players in practice and I expect the same once the game starts. He is being labeled as maybe the best player at the Senior Bowl and backing it up with his play. Two time Captain at Notre Dame. Martin would once again give the Bengals flexibilty on the left side of the line. At 6'4 305 some scouts are worried about his arms not being long enough to play tackle but Mike Mayock who in my opinion is the best in the business at draft evaluations is very high on Martin. Mayock believes that at worst "Martins floor would be a OG at a all pro level. If Collins re signs of course this picks goes out the window. I just don't believe that Mike Brown is going to be willing to match what some desperate team in need of a LT is going to give Anthony Collins.

Peko's play is falling off and I know the team has high picks already invested in DL like Still, Thompson and Hunt but one thing last year should show us is you never have enough defensive lineman. When we lost Akins it slowed down our pass rush. MJ pass rush really slowed to a crawl without Atkins getting all the attention. The Bengals have proved before that no one knows who they will draft. One year they drafted need on day 1, last year it was BPA on their board. No one saw us taking another TE with Gresham coming off back to back pro bowl games.

I believe that the Bengals will truly get back to smashmouth football in 2014 but that can't happen until we tighten up in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Either one of these players would be a huge addition.

Who Dey!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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