There is something wrong....Lewis, Dalton, brown, or just atmosphere???

I was a supporter of Dalton all year long. He frustrated me numerous times.....turnovers, the safety.....sometimes the QB has to be the best playmaker on the team (this is the NFL). And I thought he was slowly growing into just that.

That was one of the worst performances by a QB in the playoffs I have ever seen! The overthrow on Bernard on 3rd and 1. The front first diving short of the line and fumbling, the overthrow deep by nearly 10yrds on fourth and short. And, of course, the interceptions. Gio fumbled (it is the playoffs and you HAVE TO secure and protect the football), but Gio is a rookie. Dalton is a third year QB in the NFL! He didn't play like it today.

This team (11-5) is good!!! More offensive weapons than when we had the late Chris Henry, a defense that plays tough and together, two coordinators that are both head coaching candidates! So, what is wrong???!!!!!

is it simply Dalton? That seems reactionary and unfair (despite the performance today), but I am having a hard time thinking anything else.

is it Lewis? I mean he has never won a playoff game, we have put up some seriously bad records during his tenure, and he lost the locker room to his players more than once. Plus, in the big games, we seem tight....there is passion, and I give him credit for that, but we don't seem like a team that believes! Lewis should be commended for sticking with the organization in the first place, he gets guys to focus and turn their play and lives around, and he has made great hires on his staff. I like him a lot, but when do we saddle him with the responsibility of not taking the next step?

is it mike brown? The lack of respect for the fans, and the city.....the lack of spending....the interference combined with obvious football ignorance, he has definitely been a problem. However, he hired Lewis (which was a GREAT hire at the time) and stuck with him. He has allowed us to revamp the roster (although Palmer may have forced his hand), and he has seemed to relinquish some control in an effort to allow the team to grow. But is he still the thorn in our side?

Finally, is it the players, the locker room, the atmosphere? Do we just not have team guys that play with passion and pride? Or are most of the guys just not passionate or proud of playing in stripes? The media loves to bash on the "bungals", and there is no history of winning or pride to dip into.

i would love to say good job guys, great record and tough loss, we will get them next year. I would love to be content with double digit wins and an AFC North championship. I would love to start thinking about what pieces need to be added in the off season to get us a Lombardi next year. But something IS wrong, and it's got to be fixed! All I can think about is.....what the freak is it?????!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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