Top 5 Draft Needs

In a season that started with as much promise as any. It was said that the Bengals were serious contenders to win the AFC and that this is the year we finally get to show what we have.With everything possible to prove, we flopped and it was brought to an abrupt end Sunday. While we will question everything, every play and every player, we have to move forward to improve on the pieces we have here. With that we look at top five positions we need to upgrade to help us get over the hump that we have been stuck behind for three straight years.

1. Cornerback:

Even though one would think using three first round picks in the last eight years that we would be set at corner. But do to free agency, injury, learning curve and Gatorade we are in the hunt for another. With Leon Hall going through his second major knee surgery in three years, Terrance Newman being on his last leg and Dre Kirkpatrick still learning to defend the double move, a shot of youth might do us some good. I wouldnt be surprised to see Hall or Newman Switched to safety if we land a five star player.

2. Center:

Now I don't think we should go and draft a center in the first round, but I do think we need to grab one early. If you watched the Chargers game you seen Kyle Cook being beat every time they sent a blitz. He wasn't calling out the blitz and was being pushed into Daltons lap seems like every play. He is the weak link on an elite offensive line.

3. Defensive End:

This could end up being the number one or two need depending on how this off season plays out. Its no secret this team lives an breathes with success from the defensive line. They are the bread and butter of this team and with Geno coming off a major injury, and the possible departure of Michael Johnson this is suddenly a scary scenario. Alot will argue and say put Margus Hunt in, but here is a reason he hardly sniffed the field, He was drafted as a project and with Zimmer taking interviews he might have to erase what he learned and start with an entirely new system. So drafting another guy suddenly seems like a great idea.

4. Linebacker:

This is an area where we should be one of the better units in the league, but do to injury and inconsistent play were left wondering what could have been. Harrison seems to have lost more then a few steps, Rey maualuga looked decent when healthy, but that was few and far between. Burfict I think is a star in the making and I also think Vinny Rey earned more playing time. Then there is the forgotten linebacker in Emmanual Lamur who was actually supposed to be starting until being sent to IR. If there is that one guy that sticks out to the front office, I wouldnt be surprised to see them take him.

5. Quarterback:

No. Im not suggesting trade the house for Bridgewater but drafting a late round guy like Murray or Guiton would be great. Not only for a backup job, but competition for Dalton might be what he needs. Maybe it will light a fire under him. Either way bringing a guy in as a project does nothing but help a team, you never know we might grab the next Russel Wilson.

I will be posting mock drafts and more in depth needs with players later on.

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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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