3ish things I'd like to say

3 things I've wanted to point out this season.

First I've seen a lot of people telling others how players would act, behave or think. I've been around several bengals players over the years and one thing I've learned is that what you hear about them, and what you think about them, is for the most part built up, or turned into other things for stories or anecdotes or shaded with the angle of the person telling it to you. You think oh this guy would never do, act, say.. whatever. Why because some mothership article said hes this and that and a talking head repeated it? Or for some other line of people saying it? Some of these guys are really great guys, and well some arent what you'd like to think. But thinking you know that SoAndSo would be a boy scout, or the other guy would learn from his lesson, or blank would get the idea about something, or that guy is a real jerk.. well you dont know so stop thinking you do and telling other people you do. Also they are people just like you and me, with flaws and quirks and distractions. I remember one whos production dropped off simply because of personal issues beyond the game. His, for lack of a better word, distraction and depression only worsened by fans rapidly turning on him to the point of real anger and hate. But regardless he was still a class act and an awesome guy. Or another guy who like many other twenty somethings, confused about life and unsure almost to a point of apathy, given money and fame and pressure gets lost and needs to mature. Sure moments of motivation come and go but theres no solid ground to work from. Yet everyone who doesnt know just says oh you suck, when he has it all right there just needs to mature. Many times I've heard them bad mouth the club in ways I'd never considered, or criticizing other players who we may hold up to the lime light for things I wouldn't have noticed (dont assume Dalton), and of course the coaches (yes even Zim), but most of it is just water-cooler bitching just like we all do about work, the boss, the job, some situation, rule, or way of doing things, which i'm sure we as fans would over react to. Down to the point.. we overreact, we think we know when we dont, and we probably think to much in general. Just enjoy the game and worry less about everything else. Sure some of them are or act stupid, foolish, arrogant, and do things most of us would judge. But many are also absolutely upstanding people who I find myself lucky to have known. And you may be surprised by which are which.

bonus (before you get bored and stop reading in the stuff below) Did anyone else notice, I don't know if you could see on tv, during the Ravens game on the final drives defensive stand, marvin was fired up yelling to the field and making all of the defensive adjustments grabbing players and telling them exactly what he wanted and pushing them on to the field and grabbing them saying no wait, then the next play pushing them back out there. Whatever he did it worked, they didn't get another yard, Im curious how often he does this. But it was just really cool to see him take charge and show off his defensive self. even when the game was basically over, a score there really didn't mean anything, yet he yelled his ass off to stop it. So I guess that's a good anecdote about marvin's leadership or intensity etc

Second. If you're going to be a fan, have some respect at the games. I've been in the same seat 6 years now, and every year there are a new and varying group of people who complain all game, say beyond stupid things, and don't cheer properly. ie scream on offense and seem awfully quiet on defense? Why do these people even show up, spend so much money on tickets to simply refuse to enjoy it? Many barely know the rules, dont seem to be able to follow the game, and yell things like throw it at AJ hes open! before they even snap the ball, with a corner playing loose at the line and a safety over top. Meanwhile Dalton does throw at Green the routes jumped and picked, suddenly the same fan yells Why in the heck did you throw it at him you expletive retard?!
Basically, I'm just saying lets leave the negative energy at home, lets enjoy the game, and not be pessimistic fans. I know we're passionate but our voice is not going to pierce the crowd and suddenly spark some form of greatness. Besides we only see about a 10th of what is going on, maybe we should leave it to the guys getting paid who are in the thick of it. Also google "the critic quote Roosevelt"

Third. Yes, we're all frustrated with this year. No one knows what the solution is, and any decision made will be 5050 but we can't have our cake and eat it too, if we make changes we're walking off a cliff and hoping to fly. Well right now I say we keep our feet on solid ground, Marvin (yes Marvin) has built that foundation well. To jump off of it now would be to waste opportunity. I personally want to keep Marvin, hes grown as a coach, players like Burfict are attracted to him, hes grown as a coach, bettering his performance this year in challenges and use of time outs etc. This is his team, lets see what he can do with it. Gruden I dont care either way. He's probably better than we give him credit for but he has some glaring negatives this year. Zimmer, well there are probably flaws but who cares lets overpay him to stay. I dont like him as a head coach I think his talents would be wasted and distracted. I'd like a better center, we all know why. Other obvious upgrades would be good but we're solid basically everywhere. Finally Dalton, I'll say this, "you've got to dance with the girl you brung". There is no changing him out this year. Many of us would like his exit but there's very little possibility of immediate improvement and we're trying to win now. We have to hope he'll figure out a little more how to bring out his good games, and that gruden or whomever will figure out how to make those quarters/halves from 2012 where the offense disappears finally fade away. The charges game felt like one of those flat idk what to do quarters/halves from gruden that kept popping up all last year. But Dalton's not going anywhere, we all know it, so lets just forgo all the bitching and fighting and get behind him, lets try not to ruin his psyche like we did palmers lol

Best of luck to you all in the offseason, take some time and let this defeat go from your mind so you can see with rose colored glasses again come August : )

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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