A New Offensive Coordinator will help us make Noise in the Postseason



With everyone pitching in and giving their two cents about our current shortcomings and misfortunes. I felt the peer pressure to do the same. So here goes...

As I have read the many comments calling for Marvin's head or Andy's and sometimes Jay's or any combination of the three. I reflect on my own personal feelings of why this team has now gone 0-3 (notice it's not 0-5, because this is no where near the same team that had the first two tries) in the playoffs.

Let's start with Marvin, although lacking in some areas as a head coach the team has continually improved under his command and to his credit he has convinced Mike to give up some of the front office responsibilities. Cincinnati is special in that I do not believe Mike Brown will hire a GM and therefore we need a coach like Marvin who can make good judgement calls on personnel and as we've recently seen been able to keep Mikey in check when it comes to taking chances on players. The shortcomings of this is that he is stuck pulling double duty trying to find replacement talent when injuries occur and helping prepare his team for upcoming opponents. I believe Marvin is one of VERY few people who can handle and perform this job well.

Next, is the infamous Red Rocket. You would think with a nickname like that you would be blessed with an arm that "Brings Fear" (credit chili). Unfortunately as we have seen in his first three years his arm does not make many, if any opponents shiver in fright. This does not however make him a horrible quarterback. As anyone will notice when they look at the stats of our offensive leader he has continued to improve every year since entering the league. I'm not one to put a ceiling on people and therefore until he shows me he can't continue to get better I will support him.

That brings me to my next candidate. One that I feel should be held accountable for our last two playoff losses. I know, it's a team sport and there are MANY factors that have gone into the reason we have come up on the losing end each of the last three years. I also know his offense has improved quite a bit over the last few years but this could be attributed to more play makers each year. The way I see it though, he lacks the ability to motivate this offense when we need to be. Some may say well that's the head coaches job, but with this organization I beg to differ. The head coach for this team is a game manager and personnel coordinator. It is the OC's and DC's job to prepare and motivate their respective players in the weeks before and during the games. A good example of this as we all know is Mike Zimmer, he consistently has his guys prepared and adequately motivated most every game. With Jay Gruden I believe we have seen his ceiling when it comes to being able to adapt his play calling to his players strengths, his abilities to motivate his players, and his overall preparation of his offensive squad.

As I write this I know there is a decent chance some team may take him off our hands and try him out as a head coach. If this is the case I wish him well. If it is not however, I would like to see our front office try to make some changes in the coaching department and hopefully it starts with Jay. I believe we have the players to take us to a championship, even if we are dealt injuries through the season. I do not believe we have the right OC to get us to the big dance though. What are your thoughts?

A side note: I also think for Andy to continue to improve he is going to need some competition backing him up.

If these two things happen this off season, I believe Cincy should be consider heavy favorites next year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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