Things that keep me up at night

Last night I found myself thinking about Gruden leaving and Hue Jackson taking over at OC. I feel like this is a likely scenario considering the interviews Gruden is getting this week. I was trying to remember certain facts from Hard Knocks to get a better idea of what Jackson might want this offense to be. One of the first things that came to mind was the Conner vs. Charles debacle. Personally, I wanted Charles over Conner, but I was under the impression that Charles would be used as more than just a normal fullback. I thought Gruden would come up with creative ways to get the ball to him. However, we all know what happened. Jackson seemed to think Charles would be a better weapon than Conner also, Gruden did not agree but (If I recall correctly) never really argued for Conner.

It made me wonder; Did Gruden not use Charles because he resented the decision to let Conner go? Did Jackson have the same idea as most of us fans? Was Hue expecting Charles to have plenty of snaps and more than one target on the season?

I was discussing all of this with emeybee last night from about 1-2am. He pointed out that I was up late talking about Orson Charles, strange right? Probably. I just feel that he was the most underused player on this offense this year (don't worry, I remember our two first round tight ends).

I truly feel that Dalton needs a strong power running game in order to be successful. Conner may have been the difference maker this year. Peko played well when used but I'm stuck wondering what might have been. I think keeping Charles was the right move, but we could have kept Conner as well. Who decided we needed so many wide receivers (cough... Whalen... cough) ? We had room for both of them. I know what's done is done. Who made the decision though? Was it our beloved Hue Jackson or Jay "tomato can" Gruden?

One of the other things we discussed was the need for another runningback. I know it may not seem like a glaring need and we just took two last year but Gio has turned out to be a much better receiver than runner and BJGE just seems to be on a bit of a decline even though he ran his ass off towards the end of the season. It would serve this offense well to bring in a big bad running back. I'm not sure who that is yet but I hope Hue or whoever becomes the Bengal's Offensive Coordinator in 2014 will have an idea.

Anyway, these are just some random thoughts from a lowly mouthbreathing Bengals fan. I was up well past 2AM last night trying to sort all of this out in my head. This post may have seemed pointless but I like to vent to all my fellow Bengals fans, and I'd like to hear what you all think.

I hope you will share some of the concerns involving our favorite team that keep you up at night, and I'd like to thank emeybee for listening to me ramble for a couple of hours last night.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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