Revisiting the 2011 Draft – which QB would you want?

The 2011 NFL draft was Quarterback heavy, with 4 QB’s taken in the first 12 picks, and 6 taken in the first 36 picks.

The Bengals ended up selecting one of those 6 Quarterbacks, taking Andy Dalton at #35 overall. The Bengals had a top-5 pick, so they could have selected any of the QB’s (including Newton, had they traded up with Carolina for #1 overall, which they did one other time.... taking in infamous Ki-Jana Carter).

R1 #1 (CAR) Cam Newton
The one year wonder at Auburn had a cannon arm and was a great runner with good size to absorb NFL hits. Was considered a boom-bust prospect due to limited college experience, and concerns if he could assimilate an NFL offense.

R1 #8 (TEN) Jake Locker
Another athletic QB, Locker flashed all the tools at Washington, but lacked accuracy. Was seen as more of a project needing at least one year behind a legit starter.

R1 #10 (JAX) Blaine Gabbert
The most prototypical pro-style NFL QB in the draft. He had all the tools and measurable of the ideal pocket passer. But the production at Mizzou didn’t seem to add up.

R1 #12 (MIN) Christian Ponder
A late riser as a more polished version of Jake Locker, in that he was an accurate passer, and could also run fairly well.

R2 #35 (CIN) Andy Dalton
An efficient passer who was the hero of TCU’s upset win over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Lacked an strong arm, but wowed with his ability to quickly grasp an NFL offense.

R2 #36 (SF) Colin Kaepernick
A dual-threat rushing QB from a small school who was a project with good upside for a team who could sit him for a year or two behind an established starter.

R3 #74 (NE) Ryan Mallett
Big armed statue of a QB, once considered a late 1st round pick. But a horrendously slow 40 time at the combine did him no favours.

And the rest of the field... R5 #135 (KC) Ricky Stanzi
R5 #152 (HOU) TJ Yates
R5 #160 (CHI) Nathan Enderle
R6 #180 (BAL) Tyrod Taylor
R7 . #208 (NYJ) Greg McElroy


Only Dalton & Newton have both played all 48 NFL games since being drafted.
Dalton leads the pack with 11,360 yards. Newton has 11,299. Nobody else has over 6,500.
Dalton has a huge lead with 80 TD’s. Cam has 64, and Ponder has 38.
Dalton has the lead with 49 INT’s. Cam has 42 and Ponder 34.
Dalton has the best completion % with 60.9%.
Dalton, Ponder, Newton & Colin are all between 59.8%~60.9%.
Locker is at 57% and Gabbert at 53%.
Kaepernick has a big lead in QB rating at 93.8. Newton & Dalton are mid 80’s.
Newton has a huge lead on rushing yards (2,032) and rushing TD’s (28)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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