Bengals Bites (2/13): Brandon Weeden wants a trade edition

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Stories and notes regarding the Bengals and the NFL including the latest Browns player who wants a trade.

Brandon Weeden wants to leave Cleveland Browns -
Amidst Tuesday's turmoil with the Browns, Michael Silver reports that Brandon Weeden wants out of Cleveland. What can the Browns expect to get in return for the quarterback?

Why the Cincinnati Bengals Won't Draft Missouri Defensive End Michael Sam - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: COMMENTARY | The Cincinnati Bengals were founded by an owner who understood the value of having the best players available for a team to succeed. Before Paul Brown founded the Bengals, he founded the Cleveland Browns and reintroduced professional football to the inclusion of African-American players the year before major league baseball broke the color barrier. Now that his son Mike Brown has ran the Bengals for nearly a quarter century, don't expect the Bengals to look to draft openly gay former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam just because the rest of the teams in the NFL may immediately pull Sam from their war room draft boards. In football terms, Sam faces one of the worse stereotypes a collegiate defensive end in a 4-3 base defense can face -- he is a "tweener".

Assessing Bengals Free Agents | Bengals Blog
For anybody expecting major changes in the primary players that brought a division title and third consecutive trip to the playoffs, you won’t.

Poll: How much should Bengals RBs run? - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
Last week, Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard raised some eyebrows when he told NFL Network that he and his teammates were bracing for the "craziest playbook ever".

Bengals’ Iloka defends controversial zoo decision | Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Bengals safety George Iloka held his ground well enough when he decided to publicly defend a Danish zoo’s recent decision to kill a healthy giraffe and feed it to a lion.

Bengals rookie review: Giovani Bernard - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
With their rookie seasons now done, we've been taking a day-by-day look at the Cincinnati Bengals' first-year players to see what went right and what went wrong.

Peyton Manning could be Cleveland’s best hope | ProFootballTalk
Sure, the Browns could use a quarterback like Peyton Manning. Over the long haul, they'd be better off with an executive like Peyton Manning. With Jimmy Haslam restructuring the front office to remove the buffer between owner and G.M.

Free Agency Primer: AFC North | Audibles -
The 2013 season was disappointing for this division, with Cincinnati serving as its lone playoff representative and bowing out in the wild-card round.

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