Marvin’s best draft picks (by round)

Round 1
The Candidates:

Carson Palmer (#1, 2003)
After a string of dud QB’s, the Bengals finally had a real QB since Boomer’s exodus to the Jets. Palmer set many franchise records on his way to a pair of Pro-Bowls. His career was phenomenal in his 2nd and 3rd seasons as a starter, before continually and steadily declining before his ultimate trade to Oakland.

Johnathan Joseph (#24, 2006)
A 2 time Pro-Bowl selection with 23 career Interceptions, who ultimately left for Houston when the Bengals didn’t allow him to take cases of free Gatorade home.

Leon Hall (#18, 2007)
Like J-Jo, Hall also has 23 career interceptions, but in fewer games. Hall is also known as a great tackler, but has been hit hard with injuries of late.

Andre Smith (#6, 2009)
After 2 wasted seasons as an injured blob, he has turned into a very good RT. While not Willie Anderson, Andre has established himself as a dominant lineman anchoring the right side of the line.

Jermaine Gresham (#21, 2010)
Despite his untimely drops in key moments, he has reached 2 Pro-Bowls in 4 seasons. Has 2,262 yards and 19 TD’s.

AJ Green (#4, 2011)
Has reached 3 Pro-Bowls in 3 seasons, and has set records as the most prolific wide receiver in the NFL throughout his first 3 seasons. Has totaled 3,833 yards and 29 TD’s (about 1,300 yards and 10 TD’s per year).

AJ Green


Round 2
The Candidates:

Eric Steinbach (33, 2003)
A good guard who has carved out a long, productive NFL career. Not elite, but a very good player.

Andrew Whitworth (#55, 2006)
Has established himself as an unquestioned team leader. Started at LG before shifting to LT, where he has played very well, despite only receiving 1 Pro-Bowl recognition.

Carlos Dunlap (#54, 2010)
Had 7.5 sacks in his first season as a starter last year, and has 27.5 sacks in 4 seasons. Is a very good LDE who constantly creates pressure on the pocket.

Andy Dalton (#35, 2011)
Started as a rookie with limited preseason work, yet has led the Bengals to 3 playoff appearances in 3 years. Set the NFL record for most TD passes in a season. Has a 3-year career line of 11,360 – 80 – 49.

Giovani Bernard (#37, 2013)
A dynamic running back who can rip off amazing runs, and can do great things catching out of the backfield. Still very young. Likely to continue in a rbbc role.

Andrew Whitworth


Round 3
The Candidates:

Michael Johnson (#70, 2009)
Marvin Lewis does some of his worst work in round 3. Michael Johnson wins this by default.

Guys like Chris Henry or Landon Johnson might be worth a fleeting mention, but none of the following 3rd round picks can beat out MJ93: K Washington, C Miller, F Rucker, P Sims, A Caldwell, C Coffman, J Shipley, B Ghee, D Moch, M Sanu, B Thompson, S Williams.

Michael Johnson


Round 4
The Candidates:

Robert Geathers (#117, 2004)
A productive run-stopping DE with limited pass rushing ability. Has carved out a nice, long NFL career.

Domata Peko (#123, 2006)
Has become a reliable piece of the D-Line who doubles as a goal line FB. A long-time starter who can play NT and require double teams, but is agile enough to break out a Gangham Style dance when needed.

Anthony Collins (#112, 2008)
An underrated career backup who finally got some serious starting time last year, and has played himself into a lucrative contract somewhere.

Geno Atkins (#120, 2010)
An elite DT who has 2 Pro-Bowls and an All-Pro selection already in his young career. Has 29 sacks in only 57 games played.

Geno Atkins


Round 5
The Candidates:

Kevin Huber (#142, 2009)
One of the better NFL punters at placing the ball where he wants it, and good at Net punting average.

Marvin Jones (#166, 2012)
Emerged in year 2 with over 700 yards and 10 receiving TD’s.

George Iloka (#167, 2012)
Spent 2012 on the sidelines, but established himself as a starter in 2013. While he’s not dynamic or elite, he could become an adequate safety starter for many years to come.

Kevin Huber


Round 6


When the top players are Langston Moore, Corey Lynch & Bernard Scott, it’s time to take a pass on round 6.


Round 7
The Candidates:

Jonathan Fanene (#233, 2005)
After a few years on the side lines, became a quality situational backup. Finished with 13.5 sacks for his career.

Nedu Ndukwe (#253, 2007)
Unexpectedly beat out the higher drafted Marvin White (round 3) to win a starting safety position. While not a great coverage safety, he was good enough to start in the NFL for a few seasons. He was a good pass rusher, finishing his career with more sacks (7.5) than INT’s (7).

Nedu Ndukwe

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