Just to be different... a mock draft.

I’m not offering these picks as exactly who I would pick personally, but they are an attempt to guess who the Bengals would pick today based on their roster, and who is signed currently.

Like any mock draft, it is a total shot in the dark.

But unlike other mock drafts, it doesn’t include a CB in round 1 – so it’s different :-)
The draft also has a heavy dose of SEC players, so it’s in line with a Marvin type of draft.


#1 FS, Calvin Pryor, L’ville
Nelson is good. Iloka is ok. But neither is really ‘great’. The team only has 3 safeties signed for 2014 (these two plus Shawn Williams). The pick gives them depth, and possibly a great DB in an area that has been lacking for a while.

Historically, the team doesn’t draft Safeties very high. But Marvin has shown his willingness to break trends with a 1st round pick on OG Zeitler and TE Gresham.

#2 C, Travis Swanson, Arkansas
It’s time to let the K Cook thing mercifully come to an end. Between Cook & Guysuck, it’s been a while since Cincy had a good center. Perhaps Swanson can be the upgrade on the line which has been lacking?

#3 QB, Zach Mettenberger, LSU
A QB to push Dalton. Josh Johnson was a Gruden guy, and likely will not be retained. Hue can pick a backup of his choosing. The pick gives the Bengals a QB to potentially push Dalton or replace Dalton, if we don’t re-sign him. Also it isn’t a 1st round pick, so we aren’t burning any bridges with Dalton which would be implied with a high draft pick QB.

Zach is a big QB similar to Palmer, who Hue was willing to give up a lot for in a trade for Carson a few years back. Both Zach & Palmer were 6’5" 230 lbs entering the draft.

#4 CB, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Nebraska
A big cornerback in the mold of Seattle’s Super Bowl winning defense. With Hall, Dre, Jones & Newman all signed for 2014, the Bengals avoid the mock draft predictability of taking a CB in round 1, and wait a few rounds for a CB, who can sit for a season behind the aging veterans before they fade from the league.

#5: FB, Jay Prosch, Auburn
A powerful, smash-mouth FB who can give the Bengals the legit lane opener that Orson clearly is not.

#6 DE/OLB, Aaron Lynch, USF
A decent project at DE who can fill in behind Dunlap, Gilberry & Hunt in the DE rotation. With so few Bengals’ LB’s signed beyond 2014, he could also be a SAM candidate for the future too.

#7 WR, Devin Street, Pitt
With Hawkins as a FA, and AJ Green not extended (yet?), the Bengals grab a productive WR with good size who can sit on the PS for a year watching AJ, Sanu, Jones & Hamilton.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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