2014 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft Rules and Guidelines

Rounds 1-2 February 28th starting at 6:00 pm Eastern Time.

Rounds 3-4 March 1st starting at 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

Rounds 5-7 March 2nd starting at 3:00 pm Eastern Time.


During the draft, please do not use title lines for discussions. Title lines are only used for each GM to announce his or her teams selection.

Each team will be allowed 5 minutes for each selection. Picks can be announced early but the following team(s) on the clock will be given the allotted time for their pick. If a selection isn't announced by the time given for each teams pick, the best player available on the big board will be the selection for the team. If a GM does not think he will be able to make his pick, the GM can also a submit a top 10 Big Board of their own from which a selection will be made from. Each GM does not have to be around for the entire draft. You can just be present to announce your teams selection. For anyone that would like to participate but is unsure on whether they can make it or not, it will be easy to figure out what time you will need to have your pick in by. I was going to post the times but that is a lot of work that I can't get around to do. Since it is 5 minutes between picks and a 10 minute break between rounds. This should be easy for each GM to figure out. If there are any questions I would be more than happy to figure it out, if asked. There will be a 10 minute intermission between rounds held on the same day

Trades will be allowed but certain rules will be applied. No trades will be allowed during each individual round. They can be discussed but trades must be presented before each round. The only reason for this is that there is a lot going on during the draft and it will cause confusion. Each GM must acknowledge a trade has been made during the ten minute intermission between rounds. All trades will be subjected to the Draft trade value chart for fairness.

Each round will have its own FanPost. I will post the first round a hour before the draft. The second one will be posted immediately after the first round is completed. Each day of the draft will follow the same.

As for the Bengals selections, each Bengal pick will have its own FanPosts too. Every user on Cincy Jungle will be allowed to vote for their selection. Everyone is welcomed to participate. No discussions will be allowed in the fanpost. Just enter the name of the player you would like on the title line and that is it. After 5 minutes the fanpost will be shut down and the votes will be calculated. The player with the most write in votes will be the selection for the Bengals. This post will be heavily monitored so please only one vote per person.

Lastly, there are still teams that need GM's. Continue to spread the word so we can fill the last couple teams left. If it gets to where we can not fill all the teams. Then people that are already a team GM can claim another team. If a team goes unclaimed, they will be given BPA from the big board during the draft. Also, this is meant to be fun and enjoyable, so lets keep things civil and respectful. Not everyone will have the same opinions and thats ok. That is what these mocks are all about. EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY and I'm sure this draft will go as smooth as possible.

One last thing, if anyone has any questions please ask. It will be better to get everything out in the open now, oppose to when the draft has started. That way any tweaking that needs done will get done before the draft. Like always, if anyone has any input or concerns please feel free to share. If you would like to claim a team submit below and I'll update as much as possible.

Arizona Cardinals - JCompton41
Atlanta Falcons - WhoDey in da 772
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills - Earn_Your_Stripes
Carolina Panthers - SCbengalsfan
Chicago Bears - Zak.Kirchner
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns- The Van Buren Boys
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos -Hunkerdown WHODEY
Detroit Lions - CaliBengalsFan#97
Green Bay Packers - Virginia Bengal
Houston Texans - pack.21
Indianapolis Colts - ieatwaffleswithsyrup
Jacksonville Jaguars - Hash 86
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins - Pot M
Minnesota Vikings -palewook
New England Patriots - DatDude KB3
New Orleans Saints - messjunk
New York Giants - JoshQMcMullen
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders - Chili Dog AKA Lightning Bolt
Philadelphia Eagles - SCBengal843
Pittsburgh Steelers - woo
San Diego Chargers - hyprpwnmania
San Francisco 49ers - Touhue Cha
Seattle Seahawks - 1st baseman44
St. Louis Rams -EPK1979
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Cincy lax7
Tennessee Titans - hyprpwnmania
Washington Redskins- Craig Conrad

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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