Marvin Lewis Speaks at NFL Scouting Combine


As the scouting combine rolls on, Friday was the day Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis spoke to the media. Some of the topics he discussed were Giovani Bernard's carries, Margus Hunt's rookie year and first full offseason and the status of Andy Dalton and a contract extension.

Friday was the day Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis spoke at the NFL scouting combine. Staying true to typical Marvin form, he didn't offer much outside of the standard answers he gives at most press conferences. and here are just a few tidbits he offered:

On free agent defensive end Michael Johnson:

We'd like to get a contract signed other than using the franchise tag with Michael.

On getting GIovani Bernard more touches:

I don't know how much more we can give him. He's already getting touches 2 of every 3 times. I don't know if there's a team in the NFL who can continuously pound one guy and not eventually be without him. I thought what we did last year was great to get Gio going.

We also like to give guys an opportunity who earn it (referring to BenJarvus Green-Ellis). You earned it, and we'll get it to ya.

On this year's draft class:

I've not watched but a few players this year. I don't have time to watch them while I'm watching film of my team during the season.

On Andy Dalton and signing him to a long-term deal:

We like to keep our young players, and I'm sure our representatives will approach his people about getting a deal done, and we want Andy to get us to where we want to g, and that's to win a championship.

On Jay Gruden becoming a head coach:

He'll work his tail off and get it done there. He's got a lot of great experience under his belt. Jay's got a tremendous vision. He's been a head coach already in the arena league. He's done this before, so he comes in there with that kind of experience.

On Margus Hunt's rookie year and getting more playing time:

We'd like to. There's a big difference between college football and the National Football League, but we're really excited for Margus. Margus got an opportunity this year due to injury, and he did a great job, and now all he needs to do is continue to develop and grow.

We didn't think he'd play a lot last year, but he did good. He's a hard-worker and one of the first in the building every morning, and this offseason and the next training camp will be great for him.

We'll have the full transcript up when it's available.

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