What we learned from the RB 40-yard dash times from the combine

#1 We learned the name Dri Archer


The fastest time was owned by Dri Archer (4.26) who was the only RB to clock in at under 4.0. But as a kid who was a WR in college, he’s another undersized (5’8" 173 lbs) fast guy w/o a position.

The fact that he’s a WR who was pushed into the RB grouping seems to imply he doesn’t have much of a chance as a slot guy. But he may have a chance as a KR?

That run may have earned him a few UDFA calls if not even a 7th round selection?


#2 There were not many elite burners among the top RB prospects.

But we need to remember that there usually aren’t. The speedy Gio was only 4.50 last year.

This year, there were 10 RB’s who all ran under 4.50. Of them, only Bishop Sankey (4.49) was the only one who is considered a day 1 or day 2 prospect.


#3 The big backs did NOT hurt themselves with their runs.

Carlos Hyde (230 lbs) ran 4.62
Jeremy Hill (233 lbs) ran 4.56
Andre Williams (230 lbs) ran 4.56

Looking at the runs of other 230 lbs backs of late:
Eddie Lacy (231 lbs) ran 4.64 and was a 2nd round pick.
Le’Veon Bell (230 lbs) ran a 4.56 and was a 2nd round pick.
Daniel Thomas (230 lbs) ran a 4.62 and was a 2nd round pick.

Hyde, Hill & Williams matched the efforts of other recent big RB’s.


#4 De’Anthony and Ka’Deem DID hurt themselves with their runs.

De’Anthony Thomas was supposed to be another of these woefully undersized, yet shifty and blazingly fast type of RB’s. He accomplished the undersized portion of the equation at 5’9" and 174 lbs. But unlike the 4.35 times of LaMichael James and Chris Rainey, he lumbered his way to a 4.50 time. That could knock him from a 4~5 selection down to a 6~7, if not UDFA status.

Ka’Deem entered the combine fighting with Tre and Carlos for the top RB ranking. But he emerged with the WORST 40 time of any non-FB who expects to get drafted. At only 207 lbs, the slow 4.70 raises quite a few questions.

To put Ka’Deem’s run in perspective, here are some other similarly sized RB’s who had much slower than expected 40 times of late:

Stepfan Taylor (4.70) 5’9" 214 lbs (once considered a 2 or 3 round pick fell to round 5)

Jeremiah Johnson (4.62) 5’9" 209 lbs (once considered a mid round pick ran himself right out of the draft)

Ka’Deem Carey (4.70) 5’9" 207 lbs (once considered an early ~mid 2nd round pick, is now ???)


#5 Everybody else staying put.

Tre mason, Lache Seastrunk, Devonta Freeman, Terrance West, James White all ran in the 4.50’s and neither helped nor hurt themselves, but solidified themselves where they were expected to fall.

Storm Johnson’s 4.60 time may have prevented him from jumping up into a mid-late round surprise, but likely keeps him as a 7-UDFA type.


#6 Apparently God has an interest in the NFL combine?

On a eccentric side not, Adam Muema of San Diego State is apparently talking to God. And not about the usually stuff (heaven, hell, salvation, faith), but about the NFL combine. Apparently Mr. Muema chose to leave the combine because "God told him" that his dream of playing for the Seahawks would come true if he walked away from the combine. It will be interesting to see where Muema ends up in his football future?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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