Bengals Bites (2/28)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

News and notes about the Bengals and the rest of the NFL.

Bengals' free agent outlook: Maintaining depth could be challenge
Cincinnati will probably focus on keeping its own players even if DE Michael Johnson isn't one of them.

54 is a cougar, but a Bengals NFL cheerleader?
Yep. Matt Gold is the guy with that mom. The guy who's getting lots of attention — and questions — lately because his 54-year-old mom Brenda Gold is trying out to be an NFL cheerleader, or Ben-Gal, for the Cincinnati Bengals' squad.

Combine countdown rewind: Bengals QBs
Last week, in the days leading up to the start of on-field workouts at the NFL combine, we counted down five of the top position needs for a Cincinnati Bengals team that will go into May's draft looking to build depth instead of trying to find immediate starters.

In kind
Before he sent part of his Bar Mitzvah money to the Marvin Lewis Community Fund as a $500 donation, Cameron Koffman teased his dad. "Yes Cameron, I know Marvin Lewis coaches the Bengals,’ Jeff Koffman assured his precocious 16-year-old son. "And I know who Ochocinco is."

Sorting the Combine Pile: The Jadeveon Clowney show
Seventy two days. That's how long we've got until the 2014 NFL Draft kicks off and we get our next slate of "meaningful" "football" "action" we'll see for months. I threw air quotes on "meaningful" because the combine doesn't have the same impact as a normal weekend of NFL action. Coming off the playoffs and then the Super Bowl and rolling right into the combine can diminish its importance for some. Every year people talk about draft boards being set and point out that combine performances don't matter.

College Football Moments of the Year 2013 ᴴᴰ - YouTube
A compilation of the best moments in college football.

Chad Johnson tells of the times he tried to fight Ray Lewis
A fight between Chad Johnson and Ray Lewis would not go well for Johnson. But Johnson doesn't seem to realize that. That's the takeaway from a series of tweets that Johnson wrote on Thursday, in which he claimed that on two separate occasions he attempted to fight Lewis, and that Lewis was able t...

Report: Richie Incognito told police he smashed his own car with bat | Larry Brown Sports
Richie Incognito reportedly told police that he smashed his own Ferrari with a baseball bat.

Simms: Geno Smith better than any QB in the 2014 draft class
Last year, West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, fell to the 39th overall pick and was drafted by the New York Jets. According to former quarterback Phil Simms, if Geno Smith was in this year’s draft, he would be the first quarterback drafted.

Ranking the 10 Best Offensive Players Available in Free Agency : The Sports Daily
The NFL’s 2014 free agency period will feature a number of big-name players on both the offensive and defensive side of the football. While a number of free agents will help out their new teams in the upcoming season, the following are the top 10 offensive players available.

Ex-NFL Star Sharper Surrenders to Police on Rape Charges - NBC
Former New Orleans Saints star and NFL Network commentator Darren Sharper voluntarily surrendered to police late Thursday after they issued an arrest warrant...

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