Upgrading the Bengals free agents

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If the Bengals were the type of team that made a splash in free agency, they could improve the team drastically with a few guys who may be looking for a new team this off-season.

Forget for a moment that the Bengals don't usually make a splash in free agency. That doesn't mean we can't peel back the cover and take a look at what is out there. What if we look at a few of the current Bengals free agents and make a move to add a different guy who may be an improvement and also be available? Here are some of our options:

Dexter McCluster


The Bengals have a "kick return specialist" in Brandon Tate that also sometimes pulls double duty as a wide out. When looking at the list of guys who are slated to be free agents this offseason one name jumps out at me as a guy that could come in and fill that role. Dexter McCluster is a young fast wide receiver that excels as a kick returner. He is the type of big play maker that Bengals fans would love to see back returning kicks. He is also only 25 years old.

Golden Tate


The Bengals have struggled to find some consistency on the opposite side of A.J. Green. Andrew Hawkins and Dane Sanzenbacher are two free agents where the Bengals could upgrade the position. Personally I would keep Dane and try and get a true number two receiver. There are several options in free agency that could fill that role. I like Golden Tate. Other names out there include Anquan Boldin, Eric Decker and James Jones, but I think Tate is a guy that could excel if he is not the number 1 guy.

Eugene Monroe


Don't get me wrong, I would love for the Bengals to resign Anthony Collins, I think though that the offers he will get on the open market are going to exceed what Cincinnati should probably pay him. So you are left with a whole at either left guard or left tackle. One free agent could step in and fill the tackle position easily. Eugene Monroe is a 27 year old tackle that is rated as one of the best in the league. He could come in and solidify that end of the line and the Bengals could permanently move Andrew Whitworth inside.

Jairus Byrd


The Bengals have two free agent safeties in Chris Crocker and Taylor Mays. There are a bunch of free agent safeties that the Bengals could bring in to upgrade the position. The one I like is Jairus Byrd from Buffalo. He is 27 years old, probably the top safety in the league and somewhat of a turnover machine. This is the one fantasy pick up I think the Bengals may actually make an attempt at. (the Browns T.J. Ward is also a great option).

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