Around the AFC North: Free agency thoughts by team

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

We know the Bengals will probably approach free agency with a wait and see attitude, but what will happen with the rest of the AFC North teams?

Some teams look to improve their outlook in march while others prefer to do it in April. The Browns and the Ravens look to be the type of teams that like to get names in the door that have a little experience. The Steelers and the Bengals enjoy trying to sign their own and build through the draft. Let's take a look at some of the AFCN teams and what they may be thinking heading into free agency.


As we have seen even today, the Steelers are trimming some of the veteran fat to make room for new names on the team. LaMarr Woodley is the latest name to be cut from the Steelers joining Larry Foote, Levi Brown and Curtis Brown. This has created a pretty nice savings in cap space for the Steelers which they can use to possibly sign other players like Ziggy Hood, Ryan Clark and Bret Keisel. Or the Steelers could have the opportunity to grab a player like Alterraun Verner (link) or Jermichael Finley (link).

The Steelers could be looking to make cap room to extend some players they think are valuable or may be creating space to make a run at a bigger name player. I think this may be the season where we see the Steelers appear to be more active in free agency. I would be shocked if they do "bet the farm" for a big name player as this is not usually how the Steelers conduct business.


The Ravens are pretty healthy with cap space with about 25 million dollars to play with. However they do have some free agents that may be a priority to bring back. Jacoby Jones, Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher are all players that the Ravens would probably want to keep in house.

The Ravens needs seem vast after last season. They had trouble running the ball and are in position to lose two of their top lineman. This is something they could address in the draft, but would leave their line in the hands of some NFL fresh meant. They will probably attempt to secure a lineman in free agency. Probably one of their own, but maybe a new face also.

I could see the Ravens looking for a defensive end, safety and wide receiver in free agency along with the lineman. We will hear the Baltimore name being thrown around as a team interested in a number of players.


The Browns need help. Some of that will come in free agency. Rumors now are that the Browns are going to land free agent safety Donte Whitner. (Imaging he tweets that he is a Brown and then rips their hearts out like he did to the Bengals.)

The Browns also have one of the best safeties in the game leaving via free agency. Do they target Jairus Byrd to replace T.J Ward? Do they grab a lineman to help the resurgent offense in Cleveland?

There have been rumors the Browns have interest in the Bengals free agent Vincent Rey. The thing with the Browns is they are a wild card. There is still a chance they fire their coaching staff and sign Michael Vick in this offseason. You never know what to expect out of Cleveland.

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