T-Cha's Biased Fresno State Pro Day Report

Hello Fellow Cincyjungle Members!!

So today I missed my Accounting 4A Class to go to Fresno State's Pro Day at 1pm

I liked to say that man it was freaken hot in the mid 80's and since i had class early in the morning and it was cold i was in hyperwarmers and a hoodie sweater; i'm never gonna go to a Pro Day in those again..Also I didnt know if it was okay to park inside the stadium parking so i parked on school campus and walked to the stadium..Another thing was that I didnt know that they let us bring in outside food and drinks inside the Stadium today; so i went empty handed and it was hot and i was so thirsty..The catch was no re-entry after you leave so I was like "Screw It!!" I'm going to have to suffer this one..

So in Attendance; Teams I saw today at Fresno State Pro Day

Oakland Raiders (Like their whole staff??) 4-8 Scouts,Coaches and their GM was in town Reggie McKenize

(That one team from Southern Cal)

San Francisco 49ers

New Orleans Saints

New York Jets

Denver Broncos

Baltimore Ravens (I Think)

That One Team The NFL Adore Up In Washington (the State not the DC)

And a lot of other teams but since I was sitting to get a high vantage point I couldnt tell but there was a lot of scouts today at Fresno State

also i took a high vantage point because of the crowd Fresno had today; I didnt except a lot of people today but wow 200-400 people coming out to watch their Bulldogs of Fresno State on their Pro Day; that's pretty good..

Some prospects who shined today was

LJ Jones Cornerback

I timed his 40 at 4.36 but his official was around 4.40

Has trouble with his footing a bit today, slipped 2-4 times today, not sure why maybe because his 1st time back since injury so maybe still rusty; had trouble flipping his hips today (mental aspect) was probably thinking too much since he was the only DB doing all the drill back to back; had trouble with catching the ball when having to run his back pedal-Flip Hips- Cover Flat Drill; missed the football twice hit him in the hands

Derek Carr; you can say he's the leader of this team; after each teammate finished a drill or test; he was the 1st one to come congratulate them or to talk to them; also he looked good in drills was consistent throughout the day with his throws to his WR's and looked very comfortable doing so; 1st miss was on an in route to Burse and he threw the ball a bit behind him but Burse did have two hands on it; but the biggest thing that will remain for him was missing 3/4 long throws; he missed Adams on a fake post cut up the field post (Adams fatigue) he placed the ball where it needed to be but Adams couldnt run it down..missed Burse on a go route overthrew him but good placement of the ball; and then again missed Adams on a go route as well; well placed ball just overthrown

DaVante Adams; helped his stock a bit with his good 40 time; I clocked him at 4.36 but his official was a 4.40

you can say he had a good day to solidify him as a Top 10 WR coming out of this year's draft; caught almost everything thrown his way during drills; had some trouble with deep routes today because it was just him and Bruse running the WR's Drill today so it took a toll on him later in the drill; also had trouble running under the ball today running 3 deep routes back to back to back with Bruse too

Isaiah Bruse; i clocked him at 4.47 and he helped himself today no doubt; the only problem i saw was his body type and stature he's small; and i believe he will be a 4th WR or a slot WR or even be used as a WR in the backfield..looked okay in the drills; he rounded off some routes instead of coming out of his breaks; but as mention above; fatigue probably got to Adams and Bruse with just them two running all the WR route.

Marcel Jensen; i clocked him at 4.74 he looked good in the drills, catching everything thrown his way; he's a long strider no doubt about it; his problem maybe pad level in the next level; looks like he had trouble at 1st but started to settle down and held his own; in the short area drills he looked good being able to maneuver better than I thought; took 2 and a half step to cover 5 yards so that kinda works itself out

Austin Wentworth; Here's everyone's riser outside of LJ Jones; looked good in drills and in short area drills; showed some athleticism in him to show scouts he can be a spot up tackle if needed (swing tackle) but looks more like he will be move inside to guard or maybe even center

Nat Harrison; WOWED some scouts today; Vertical jump was great and looked fluid in drills maybe a later 7th round or UDFA

Patrick Su'a; also looked smooth in drills; was the starting LB until he got hurt then was moved to FB but looks more like a LB to me

Leau; looked okay; not your best athlete; but did good in drills; had some problems with footing too

Letcher; looked good as well, smooth fluid hips and moved pretty well

Jennings; had a good Vertical jump and a good press and looked okay in drills struggle a bit

Williams; looked good in drills as well and short area burst of speed was good

Really stood out to me with those speed; also not sure if you stop the time when they step on the line or when they passes the line on the 40 because i stopped mine when they stepped on the line

Overall it was a good day; just sucks because I missed class and it was hot and there was no shade of any sort; haha but yeah it was a good experience; I really liked it i mean i was relaxing to me just to watch; but being a Scout does looks hard; I also didnt know they scouts shared information with each other from other Organizations too that was just weird

Also how do I upload Videos and Pictures I took on here?? I didnt know so i didnt upload yet

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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