Free Agency for Bengals

Rating Every Major move the Bengals made in Free Agency:

I realize that Free Agency isn't over and the Bengals are looking at Robert Ayers, but until then I'll voice my opinion on how the Bengals have done so far.

Signing Marhsall Newhouse: Don't Care (5/10)

It doesn't sound like Newhouse is even going to start at OT because they are moving Whit back outside from his OG position. Which is sad because we were killing teams with that power run late in the year.

Signing Mike Pollack: Let's See if he can play! (6/10)

It'd be great to have a center that we could rely on for a full year and not have to worry that he'll do something stupid like hike the ball at the wrong time (Kyle Cook) or get bull dozed by guys half his size (Trevor Robinson.)

Signing Jason Campbell: Hey... I didn't even think of that! (7/10)

I think it's important that the Bengals have a back up that has started before. Zac Robinson and Josh Johnson are both inaccurate, unreliable and just plain bad. This gives us a back up that we can turn to if Dalton goes down.

Not Signing Michael Johnson: We all knew that was going to happen. (5/10)

It's not like we couldn't have predicted it since we franchised him last year. The only problem with having some of the most talent in the league, is have to pay all the talent. With guys like Dalton, Green, Burfict and company looming in the background, Brown couldn't swing this one.

Not Signing Andrew Hawkins: This is going to come back and HAUNT us! (3.5/10)

I get that the front office didn't this guy had shown enough to be worth that amount of money. But I can't help feeling that this will come back to bite us in the butt when Hawkins turns into a Desean Jackson/Darren Sproles/Taavon Austin hybrid.

Not Signing Anthony Collins: Worries Me. (4/10)

I'm not yelling because I'm so mad we didn't resign Anthony Collins. I am just dissapointed. I genuinely thought he'd be wearing the Orange and Black for years to come. Oh well. He played well for us and I wish him well in Tampa Bay.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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