Mock Draft and Remaining Free Agency

*Edited 3/27*

Sign DE Robert Ayers to a 3 year 8.5 mil contract

Sign OG Travelle Wharton(again) to a 1 year 1.5 mil contract

Extend Andy Dalton to a 4 year 50 mil contract (affordable to dump off to another team if he does not perform as well as they'd like). Use a 1st round tender next year on Burfict and use option for Green. Trade 1st round pick to San Fran for their 1st round and first 3rd round (from Tenn). Bengals cut RB Green-Ellis, WR Brandon Tate, DE Robert Geathers and RB Cedric Peerman


Rnd 1-30. Kyle Fuller (CB VT)

Best corner in the draft and the Bengals get him while also picking up another draft pick. Luxury pick above anything else while picking BPA and filling a need.

Rnd 2-23. Odell Beckham Jr. (WR LSU)

I know what your thinking we don't need a WR but if they select Beckham it gives the Bengals another weapon for the QB (more on that position later). He also can take over on PR and KR while still giving the Bengals true depth at WR. I think that Landry will jump his college teammate and be picked before Beckham but Bengals won't be upset.

Rnd 3-13. Jeremy Hill (RB LSU)

I'm not usually big on LSU offensive prospects but between Beckham and Hill I make an exception. I think they can help the Bengals fill some depth and get the Bengals two more weapons. Hill drops to the third round because of the off-field issues so he becomes a typical Bengal pick. Hill can catch, run very well down hill, and is very good running after taking hits. Could help the Bengals cut Green-Ellis and free up more cap space (not like that is for any reason).

Rnd 3-24. Christian Jones (LB FSU)

Solid linebacker and is very good at wrapping up to tackle (something another LB we have is having issues with). He played some DE for FSU but could be used for the Bengals in nickel position.

Rnd 4-23. Isiah Lewis (S MS)

Solid and consistent safety for depth and special teams. Guy has a good chance to take over for Reggie Nelson in a couple of years.

Rnd 5-24 Aaron Murray (UGA)

If he isn't gone by this point then the Bengals should take him. Andy Dalton 2.0, hopefully he get over the hump if Andy can't. If anything he'd be a cheaper option.

Rnd 6-24. FB

Either Jay Prosch (AU) or J.C. Copeland (another LSU guy). Which ever FB is on the board they should take. If we going to run the ball we need to get a true bruiser at fullback.

Rnd 6-36. Aaron Lynch (DE SF)

I have seen him on a couple of boards and looked back at some of the games and like the way this guy plays. I would have the Bengals wait and draft him (over M. Sam) only for his height. He fits more of the mold of the Bengals D-Line type guys (6'5"). I think Jonathan Hayes will be very happy with this pick. If Lynch is off the board look to grab Chaz Sutton. Played opposite of Clowney at SCU.

Rnd 7-23. Kenarious Gates (OT UGA) (Previous Logan Thoms)

Finally the Bengals take a player from Georgia and it is not on defense or their starting QB. Bengals take Gates to help provide depth at the tackle position while also giving them a nice prospect to mold. Not very fast but neither isAndrew Whitworth.

Rnd 7-37. De'Anthony Thomas (Dexter McCluster Oregon)

His size,recent injury and slower speed at the combine have him drop to the last pick of the Bengals in the 2014 draft. Another weapon for our QB. KR, PR, WR, RB is there anything this guy can't do? He'll be used for crazy situations or strictly KR and PR. Having him and Beckham allows the Bengals to cut Brandon Tate. He will help replace what we had with Andrew Hawkins as the gunner and maybe even replace Cedric Peerman.

Depth Chart


QB - Dalton, Murray

RB - Gio, Hill, Burkhead, Thomas

FB - Prosch or Copeland

WR - Green, Beckham

WR - Jones, Sanu, Sanzenbacher

OT - Whitworth, Hawkinson

OT - Smith

OG - Wharton, Newhouse

OG - Zeitler

C - Pollak, Robinson

TE - Gresham, Eifert, Charles


DE - Dunlap, Hunt

DE - Gillberry, Ayers, Lynch (Sutton)

DT - Atkins, Still

DT - Peko, Thompson

SAM - Maualuga, Lamur, Dimanche

MIKE - Rey, C. Jones

WILL - Burfict, Porter

CB - Hall, Kirkpatrick, A. Jones

CB - Fuller, Newman, Stanford

S - Nelson, Lewis

S - Iloka, Williams, Mays

Special Teams

K - Nugent

P - Huber

LS - Harris











This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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