Another Draft Day Trade the Bengals Should Consider

This one is unlikely to happen, as the Bengals typically don't like to trade up in the draft but I wouldn't rule it out entirely, since the FO does seem to look in the rear-view mirror for draft-day guidance in the hope not to make the same mistake twice and there is a clear precedent where moving up in the draft would have netted them the better player.

I'm talking about 2007 when the Jets traded up ahead of the Bengals to snare Darrelle Revis. As solid a player Leon Hall has been, I'm confident given a chance to re-do history the FO would have moved up to grab the top CB in the draft that year (hindsight being 20/20).

This year most mock drafts have the Lions (#10) and the Steelers (#15) being the two teams ahead of the Bengals most likely to draft a CB. Assuming the Lions do grab either Dennard or Gilbert and one of the two is still on the board when the Bears are on the clock, I suggest the Bengals consider sending a trade offer to the Bears. Personally, of the two, I'd be more receptive to this idea if Dennard were the one available, since he's got the better game tape and instincts for the position, but since we don't know how the Bengals FO has graded these two, I'm putting this idea out there should either be available.

In order to move up 10 spots from #24 to #14 the Bengals would have to offer at least their 2nd round pick this year, which would be just 10 points shy of what the trade value charts say it would take. Possibly, they would need to also sweeten the offer by throwing in their 6th round pick (which wouldn't be a big deal, since they have a comp pick in the 6th and the 7th rounds).

This proposal definitely has its pros and cons:

The Pro Argument

Prior to free agency the Bengals didn't have many holes in their roster so if there ever was a year where it made sense to sacrifice a pick or two to move up in the draft and get a clear starter, this is the year. The move also has the added benefit of wrecking the draft plans of a hated rival (assuming the Steelers decide to upgrade the aging Ike Taylor with a 1st round CB). Additionally, there's no guarantee a "safe" pick falls into their laps at #24 so it's possible by standing pat they end up having to gamble on a 2nd tier talent (e.g. Verrett, Fuller or Roby at CB, Kuandijo or Mewhort at OT or the undersized Ford at DE).

The Con Argument

The losses and inactivity in FA have hurt the team's depth at several positions. Whitworth is aging so they need to groom a replacement soon, there are issues in the aging and hobbled secondary and it's not known whether Pollak or Hunt will be capable starters at C and DE. The Bengals can use all the picks they can get this year to add depth and/or players capable of challenging untested starters. There's always the chance a player falls into their lap at #24 so why give up a second rounder?

So let's hear what everyone thinks? If you're Mike Brown, do you make this trade? Is there one of the two CBs who would make it worthwhile?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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